Watch This Bold Thrill-Seeker Kayak Down a Snowy Mountain at Over 60 MPH!

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: February 23, 2023
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Kayaks are meant to go on water, right? Yes, they do go on water but they also go on snow, over rocks, across ground and through forests. Then they go down waterfalls and eventually hit serene lakes. Watching a video of this spectacular descent will leave you breathless and in awe of the skill and courage of the kayaker.

Thrilling Kayak Descent on Snow, Land and Water

This film records Spanish kayaker Aniol Serrasolses as he kayaks from Chile’s snowy volcano summit in the Araucanía region along a 25-meter route that takes him through open ground and forests. It’s part of the Red Bull series and has already been viewed over a million times. It’s the ultimate natural obstacle course.

Aniol is a kayaker adventurer from the Catalonia region of Spain. He has made a big impact in the kayaking world with his achievements and extreme kayak adventures. In this film we see him carry out the world’s first double kickflip on a kayak. It’s absolutely spectacular!

When he was interviewed about his journey, he commented that he wanted to combine the elements of earth, air, water and fire. At times he reaches speeds of 60 mph and things do go wrong. He is thrown out of the kayak and onto the snow at one point but he simply brushes himself off and gets back in.

Everglades National Park - Kayaking

If you want to combine kayaking with snow boarding you could try snow kayaking!


Spectacular Environment in Chile

Chile has a range of spectacular locations. This particular footage was filmed in the Araucanía region which is in the south of the country. It has plenty of fertile valleys, lakes and snowy mountains. It is also well known for its adventure sports industry.

Snow kayaking is for people who don’t want to put their kayaks away for the winter and put on their skis. They just take their kayak out onto the snow!

It’s like a combination of kayaking, snowboarding and speed riding and appeals most to people who are fans of extreme sports. In addition to the speed and the potential dangers, it also gets pretty cold so it is vital to use the correct kit. It has become increasingly popular and there are international competitions where these amazing athletes can show off their skills!

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