Watch This Brave Dog Leap From a Burning House and Into Its Owner’s Arms

Dog waiting at the window

Written by Sharon Parry

Updated: October 19, 2023

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This poor pooch is in a horrendous situation. The clip that you can see here captures every dog owner’s nightmare. Their house is on fire and their dog is trapped in a first-floor room. There is no good option here – the dog has to choose between getting badly burned and leaping from the window risking a potential injury. He takes the best option and jumps – he lands safely in the garden. His relieved family broke his fall. Scroll down to see the full worrying footage that thankfully has a happy ending. 

How to Treat Burns on Dogs

Even though he is no longer in any immediate danger, it looks as if the dog in this clip has suffered some burns to his back. Burns on dogs need to be taken very seriously and medical attention should be sought straight away. There is a very real risk of a secondary infection and some other harmful complications.

The initial treatment should be to immerse the area in cold water or a saline solution. If this is not possible, you could also spray the burnt area with water or saline. If you’re not able to get to a vet straight away, you can start first aid yourself by clipping as much of the hair as you can and applying silver sulfadiazine ointment.

When you get to the vet, your dog will probably be given pain medication and possibly antibiotics to prevent an infection from starting. They may need a dressing which will need to be changed frequently. Some more serious cases may require a skin graft and your dog may also need shock treatment.

Veterinarian examines the dog's hip on white background

Dogs with burns and smoke inhalation need to see a vet.

Smoke Inhalation in Dogs

Smoke inhalation is another potential health effect for this dog. When a dog breathes in smoke, they are also breathing in harmful chemicals including potentially cyanide! These can cause very serious health issues and can even be fatal.

A dog that is suffering from smoking halation will have a serious cough and will be wheezing. You may also notice red and irritated eyes and they may seem lethargic and weak. More serious cases can involve foaming at the mouth and seizures.

A dog with suspected smoke inhalation needs to be seen by a vet straight away they may be treated with a combination of oxygen therapy and anti-inflammatory medication to open up their airways. They need to rest and a lot of TLC to recover. We are sure that the dog in this footage received exactly that!

Watch the Amazing Clip Below

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