Watch This Bull Elephant Show Everyone Who’s Boss

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: November 30, 2023

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Bull elephant, loxodonta africana, in the grasslands of Amboseli National Park, Kenya. Front view.
© Jane Rix/

Who is the boss of the wild animal kingdom? If your mind first went to the king of the jungle, the lion, you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. However, if there is one animal that not even the lion likes to mess with, that is the elephant. 

Given the size of the elephant, they don’t have animals who hunt them. Elephants weigh up to 12,000 pounds and reach up to 12 feet in height. However, there are some instances where elephants are hunted. Usually, this would be when an elephant is sick, or a young calf is away from its mother. Well, let’s watch this bull elephant show these tourists who’s boss in the video above. 

Bull Elephant Sighting in Zimbabwe

This short YouTube clip at the top takes us to the land of Zimbabwe in South Africa. This YouTuber is a nature lover who adores animals in Zimbabwe. Their newest videos are of warthogs, elephants, birds, and wild dogs. 

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Elephant Shows How Tough He Is

Big tusker elephant that wonders across african savanna plains of the Kruger NP

Elephants are herbivore eaters.

©Johann Mader/

At the start of this short YouTube clip, a tour has stopped to see this massive bull elephant. He is emerging from the woods just up ahead. We hear the sounds of clicking as they are taking photographs. 

Suddenly, we see the elephant start to buck. He’s stomping, tossing his head, and flinging his trunk toward the tourists. One of the guests quickly becomes scared, and the tour guide reassures her. The elephant tries “to tell us to go because you are too close, but it’s okay.” 

How Many Elephants Are in Zimbabwe?

There are three species of elephants: the African savanna (or bush), the African forest elephant, and the Asian elephant. They live throughout Africa and Asia. Population estimates show approximately 500,000 elephants are remaining. However, their conservation status is not under threat in any way.

According to the Africa Defense Forum, there are estimated to be 100,000 elephants in Zimbabwe alone. The elephants in Zimbabwe are not constrained and are given free reign in the territory there. This is the beauty of the land in Africa. Going to the local zoo is exciting and a fun family trip. However, it is nothing compared to seeing animals in the wild in their natural habitat.

No wonder this elephant was telling these tourists they needed to back up. This is his territory; he’s the boss and is not playing around. 

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