Watch This Cheeky Lion Teach These Zoo-Goers When He Pees Directly at Them

Written by Colby Maxwell
Updated: June 7, 2023
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Lions are the largest of all African cats and the second-largest cat species in the world. Still, despite being the kings of the jungle, they can still get bothered by humans! Watch this incredible video of a lion that gets annoyed by the presence of humans who invade its space and disturb its peace — it sure shows them!

The video starts by showing us the reason the lion is irritated in the first place; a group of people are watching him and rattling the gates outside of his enclosure. The lion, who seems to be resting on a platform, looks at the crowd with a bored expression. Then, he gets up and walks slowly towards the bars, as if he is going to greet them.

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Lions are extremely smart and have ways to get what they want, even if they are in captivity!


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The zoo-goers get excited and start cheering and filming him with their phones. They think they are going to get a close-up view of the king of the jungle. But they are in for a rude surprise.

As soon as he reaches the bars, the lion turns around and lifts his tail. He then releases a powerful stream of pee directly at the person who is filming him! The camera shakes as the person screams and tries to dodge the spray. The video ends with laughter and shrieks from the other people who witnessed the hilarious scene.

Why Do Lions Pee AT People?

But why did the lion do that? Was he just having fun or was he trying to send a message?

According to experts, lions use urine to mark their territory and communicate with other lions. They also roar to advertise their presence and warn others to stay away. Lions may also spray urine when they feel threatened or annoyed by something.

So, it is possible that the lion in the video was not amused by the noisy crowd and wanted to show them who was the boss. He may have also felt stressed by being confined in a small space and the constant noise of the people rattling the gates.

Whatever his motive was, he certainly made an impression on the zoo-goers and the internet. He showed them that lions are not just majestic and beautiful animals but are also smart and sassy! Lions deserve space and respect, even if they are in a zoo or in captivity.

The next time you visit a zoo, be careful not to annoy the lions. You never know when they might pee on you!

Check Out the Video Below!

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Male white lion
Male white lion.
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