Watch This Cheetah and Tortoise Cuddle Like Best Friends

Written by Opal
Published: November 5, 2022
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The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for Nature estimates that there are only 6,600 wild cheetahs surviving in the world. The fastest terrestrial animal on the planet is the cheetah. They can sprint at a top speed for only a brief period of time, but they can accelerate to a speed of 64 miles per hour in just three seconds.

In Florida’s Carson Springs Wildlife Park, a video of a cheetah and a tortoise relaxing online has gone viral. In Gainesville, Florida, there is an animal park that is not for business. The big cat can be seen affectionately stroking the tortoise’s shell in the brief footage.

The tortoise and its companion are both lying on the grass, and they appear to be enjoying the fun. Millions of people have watched the popular video online. In their habitats, cheetahs are the dominant predators. 

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They exclusively consume meat since they are absolute carnivores.  Cheetahs are masters at stalking their prey. They are not as well-equipped for defending prey, though. This provides food for other animals, especially scavengers.

Giant tortoise eating grass
Tortoises can be cranky, but they’re generally not hostile animals.


Unlikely Friends

Tortoises are not hostile animals. They often don’t exhibit violence against people, animals, or other tortoises. As with other animals, tortoises have a tendency to be cranky and territorial, but with the correct care, this tendency can be greatly diminished. 

Tortoises typically use an assortment of various stances or postures to convey their feelings to one another. Postures with a raised head and torso are commonly used to convey aggression and authority. As you can see in the video below, this tortoise couldn’t be calmer while sitting next to his feline friend.

A happy tortoise will voluntarily move in the direction of her object of interest. They frequently sprint or move as quickly as they can. They move quickly and confidently, which indicates excitement. Nothing can dissuade an enthusiastic, focused turtle.

Because it enables the forming of a link between species, protective behavior from one species toward another might result in an interspecies friendship. This is frequently seen when one species embraces another that is injured or orphaned in interspecies adoptions.

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