Watch This Determined Black Bear Rip off Part of a Wall to Get a Meal

Written by Colby Maxwell
Updated: October 18, 2023
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Animals can be determined, especially when there is food on the line! We’ve all heard stories of dogs escaping their kennels in order to snag an extra treat or two, but wild animals can do much the same. In fact, wild animals are often the worst offenders when it comes to getting into things they aren’t supposed to. As one recent video clip shows, if a bear is wanting something from you, they are going to get it!

Check Out the Video Below to See a Bear Tearing the Door off Its Hinges!

The video clip shows that a determined bear isn’t to be trifled with. For Angie Killian, the proud owner of a chicken coop, a certain bear was becoming a real problem. In the description of the video, she explains:

Last week, a bear broke into my coop and I posted a video here; the Fish, Wildlife and Parks people brought out a trap, trapped a bear and hauled it away.

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Angie Killian – YouTube

As any self-respecting chicken owner would do, Angie enacted a plan. Calling the authorities, she had the bear trapped and hauled away, hopefully dissuading the hungry fella from ever returning to her property. After Wildlife Services took the bear away, Angie probably thought it was the last of her worries!

Then, incredibly, Angie walked out to her coop again to find that it was ravaged! Despite having a bear hauled away, rebuilding the chicken coop doors, and installing a massive metal bar across the front of it, another animal had somehow gotten into the shed!

Black bears

Black bears can be very determined and resourceful creatures when it comes to getting to something they want.


Thankfully, Angie had recorded the entire thing, which is the video clip that we have today. In one of the craziest turns of events, she discovered that it was the same bear that was back and trying to eat her chickens! Despite being hauled away only a few days earlier, the bear had returned to the spot where it had last gotten a good meal: her chicken coop.

Two days ago, a bear broke the door of my chicken coop once again, and in comparing pictures, we’ve discovered it was the same bear! We now have another trap up by the coop hoping to haul away the correct bear this time. It seems the vandal is a female, and there are a few males following her around; it is one of those that was trapped last week, and you can see another one at the end of this video.

Angie Killian – YouTube

In the clip, we see the hungry bear try and get into the well-built coop doors and get itself a chicken dinner. Due to Angie’s construction ability, however, things were a lot tougher. Still, paying the massive metal bar no mind, the bear digs a little hole under the coop and simply tears the door off of its hinges. All in a day’s work, right? That is one seriously determined bear!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Jim Cumming/

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