Watch This Embattled Buffalo Call In His Friends for Help and Turn the Tables on 7 Vicious Lions

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: June 12, 2023
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On the face of it, the odds are surely in the lions’ favor in this extraordinary clip. Yet, seven lions fail to bring this single buffalo to the ground. Stubbornly staying on its feet, this resilient herbivore is doing something else – calling for the rest of his herd. And very soon the cavalry come charging to his aid. As the video at the bottom of this page shows, there is definitely safety in numbers!

Is This How Lions Usually Hunt?

Yes. This is typical hunting behavior for female lions. They simply do not have the body weight or strength to bring down a buffalo alone. By hunting as a pride, they can significantly increase their chances of success. In addition to buffalo, lions also hunt impala, zebra and several other herbivores.

Lions like to use a ‘stalk and quick charge’ method of hunting. They grab at the shoulders and rump of the stricken animal to bring it to the ground and jump on the back of larger animals.  Then, they kill it using a crushing bite to the trachea (windpipe). Things have not gone according to plan with this buffalo. The lions cannot get it onto the floor and they are all risking severe injury in trying to do so.

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Pride of lions in grass
Buffalos will charge at sleeping lion prides

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Is It Normal for Buffalo to Attack Lions?

Yes, this prey species does not just stand around waiting to get killed and eaten. Not only do they fight back, but they are also proactive when it comes to lions! Their main predators include spotted hyenas and they can also be hunted by leopards and crocodiles. Some reports claim that elephants have killed buffalo too.

We know that lion attacks on buffalo are often unsuccessful. Lions can and do get seriously injured during the hunt – they can be gored by the buffalo’s horns and trampled by their hooves. If a herd of buffalo spots some lions sleeping in the shade, they often charge at them! Also, buffalo have no hesitation in ganging together and attacking lions if they feel that their calves are under threat!

Watch the Gripping Footage Below

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