Watch This Fearless Pit Bull Ambush 8 Humongous Sea Lions

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: August 30, 2023
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Key Points:

  • This article covers a video of a pit bull slowly creeping upon a group of unsuspecting sea lions.
  • While both sea lions and pit bulls have the potential to be aggressive, neither becomes hostile during the encounter.
  • After the sea lions are cleared from the dock, you can see the dog’s tail wagging.

Although both pit bulls and sea lions can display aggression when threatened, in this clip, you watch a pit clear a dock without harming the sea lions. Although the sea lions are disrupted during their lazy lounge time, they do not display aggression either.

They seem to have an understanding, of the way a security guard does with trespassers. The trespassers flee, and the security guard goes back to his post.

Are Sea Lions Dangerous?

Largest seals - Steller Sea Lion
A group of sea lions huddles up together, enjoying a leisurely day.

©Alexander Machulskiy/

Typically, sea lions mind their own business, but they do attack if they feel threatened. They may also attack if they’re unwell and if it’s during their breeding season. They are just as unpredictable as any wild animal, and they have sharp teeth that they use as needed.

Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

dog food for Pitbulls
The average pit bull weighs between 35-60 lbs.

©Sophia Tr/

Pit bulls were originally bred to take down bulls and other large animals. However, in the 1800’s these practices were outlawed. That’s when humans changed direction and started breeding them for dog fights. Dog fighting was outlawed and pit bulls that displayed aggressive behavior were culled.

According to the ASPCA, all dogs, including pit bulls, should be considered individually. Though they are part of a breed that has a history of violent behavior, many are affectionate, loyal, and gentle. Breeding is not regulated, however, which is why some pit bulls, like some other dogs, display more aggression.

If breeders consider all the traits of their dogs, they can be more selective about which to breed. This isn’t the case, though, so there’s a lot of uncertainty around different types of dogs. A dog’s genetics, environment, and training all play a role in its behavior.

This video starts off with a view of a pit bull sneakily hiding behind a boat. Just ahead, there is a long, narrow dock that sea lions have huddled on. There’s a group of about five of them, all lazily lounging, enjoying the day. The pit is stalking them and has likely been trained to clear the dock in these scenarios.

After a few moments of staring, the pit crouches down and walks low to the ground to make its approach. It hides behind a pole at the start of the dock and the camera pans over just as a sea lion gets into an even more casual pose. The timing is comical.

You also see a man standing by a boat where the pit was previously hiding. As if offended by the leisurely response of the sea lions to its presence, the pit charges forward. It moves aggressively but does not bite. Simply, it charges through the middle path of the dock and the sea lions respond by dropping into the water.

When the pit charges through, you realize that what appeared like five or six sea lions is more like eight. They were lying on top of one another and their individual heads weren’t noticeable until they started getting into the water. There are some larger sea lions that seem annoyed, but the pit isn’t giving up on its mission to remove them from the dock. Eventually, it clears the dock completely.

Watch this pit bull act as a security guard to clear trespassing sea lions on a dock.

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Pit bull terrier
Portrait of a pit bull.
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