Watch This Giant Bear Suddenly Jump Onto a Roof and Relentlessly Chase a Group of Men

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: August 31, 2023
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If you know not to run in the face of a dangerous animal like a massive brown bear, would your body listen? The men in the video at the bottom of the page think twice about their actions but end up scrambling for their lives!

Why Do Brown Bears Attack Humans?

It’s not often that brown bears show interest in humans enough to launch an attack. However, if a human startles a brown bear, it may respond by attacking. The same is true if the bear feels threatened, as is the case with most wildlife. Another instance in which a brown bear may attack is if it’s a female who is protecting her cubs. An injured bear may also respond aggressively as well as a bear that has limited food sources.

Brown Bear Showing Teeth

Brown bears may attack humans for a variety of reasons but usually, they don’t show much interest.

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Should You Run Away From a Brown Bear?

Brown bears chase you if you run, as you’ll see in the video at the bottom of the page. Your best bet in these situations is to hold your ground and avoid tempting the bear into a chase. These powerful animals can climb and reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour (MPH). Simply put, even if you were the fastest human on the planet, a bear could still outrun you. Although you may be tempted to climb a tree, bears can reach up trees too. Give the bear an escape route, make yourself look large, and move away slowly and sideways.

Brown Bear Chases Men

When the video below starts, there are several men standing on top of a green roof. A massive bear is creeping up to them on the ground and they seem aware of its presence because they’re hollering. One man is holding a giant piece of wood in defense and staring down, waiting for the fight. However, the bear finds a way to climb up onto the root using several piles of wood and hay stacks and even the man with the piece of wood decides to abandon his plan. All of them instinctively turn to run away from the bear, obviously forgetting that the bear can not only catch up to them, but it also enjoys the chase.

You can hear honking in the background at this point as people try to distract the bear, but it’s fixated on the men. Some men jump off the roof to the left while others jump off behind the building. A few of the men scramble to the right side and the bear follows suit. The last one on the roof with the bear pushes the man ahead of him, trying to get away. They manage to run down and the bear takes a leap toward them, only a few feet behind the last man.

Watch the Shocking Footage Below!

Men run for their lives when a brown bear gives chase!

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