Watch This Giant Moose Get Stuck Inside a Pool Enclosure And Struggle to Get Out

Written by Hannah Crawford
Published: December 7, 2023
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When we think of animals being hurt, it’s easy for our minds to go to the plains of Africa, where some vicious lion is chasing an antelope, a pack of wild dogs surrounding an elephant calf, or a Nile crocodile leaping out of the water and dragging a zebra to the depths of the river. 

However, animals are harmed every single day by artificial structures. We must remember that this was first the animal world, and man soon came in and continues to develop in new places where animals live. This makes it difficult for animals to survive and live safely if they are not careful. Let’s not miss this sad video below. 

Don’t Miss the Video Below! 



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Moose Sighting in Backyard

At the start of this TikTok video, we see this moose getting into a pool enclosure in this family’s backyard. Once he got in, he was scared because he could not find the way out. 

The moose climbs up on some lawn chairs and tries to leap over the tempered glass. However, it proved faulty, and his legs buckled from underneath him. The moose can’t sustain his weight and falls over entirely on his back. 

At this moment, the moose starts to become scared, feeling trapped. The Province of Manitoba adds that as we coexist with moose, we need to remember that “Moose will generally flee when threatened, but may become aggressive under certain circumstances, including harassment by people, dogs, traffic, or when hungry and tired, especially during winter when they may be under more stress.” 

The frightened moose tries to get up, and when he does, he slips straight into the pool. This moose doesn’t struggle to swim as he can stand straight up and walk to the pool’s edge, where the steps are. Once he is there, he comes across another gate, which he’s unable to get past, but lucky for him, it’s shorter than the other side of the pool. He leaps but flips over the glass and lands on his head. 

How Tall Are Moose?

Bears hunt moose.

©RichardSeeley/iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

As we can see from the video posted at the top, this moose was extremely tall. The National Wildlife Federation says moose can reach up to 6.9 feet tall. From their hoof to their shoulder is just 1.8 meters (six feet)! To complement their great height, “Moose are [also listed as] the largest members of the deer family.” 

The moose’s height allows them to reach high for food as herbivores that forage for grass, twigs, pondweed, bark, leaves, and tree buds. His height also assisted him with getting through the pool and finally getting up over the gate. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Michal_K/

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