Watch This Gigantic Humpback Whale Emerge From the Depth and Soak Nearby Spectators

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: October 22, 2023
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Key Points:

  • This article covers footage of a huge humpback whale emerging from the depths of the ocean.
  • Off in the distance, you can see a blow whole spewing out a bunch of seawater into the air.
  • While it’s amazing to see a whale in the water, there are some risks involved.

In the center of a stunning region filled with outdoor activities, breathtaking beaches, delectable fresh fruits and vegetables, succulent oysters, and enjoyable hikes is the bustling coastal city of Port Macquarie. The city serves as a fantastic home base for exploring the area’s captivating national parks, gorgeous rivers like the Hastings River, 18 sand beaches, and coastline.

Take a Look at the Wild Interaction Below

Between May and November, Port Macquarie, the second-most easterly point in NSW, is a great place to go whale watching. To see the swimming whales in Camden Haven, walk via Kattang Natural Reserve to Perpendicular Point. 

Because the whales are so close to the shoreline, cruise companies can spend less time traveling to the whales and give you a more memorable encounter, particularly when they breach and slap their tails.

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A group of tourists witnessed this firsthand during a boat tour. While spending plenty of time on the boat just waiting for something to happen, the visitings were shocked when a massive whale through its entire body out of the water when it breached the surface.

Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) breaching at Puerto Lopez, Ecuador.


humpback whale

tosses its 60,000-pound body into the air.

©Paul S. Wolf/

Whales breach in order to get rid of parasites. There are a number of external and internal parasites that whales, and humpback whales in particular, can carry. These parasites could cause itching and irritate the whales’ delicate skin.

As this giant animal slapped the surface of the water, the tourists were left soaked! It’s safe to say they have an unforgettable story to tell all of their loved ones when they return home. 

A comment on the video says, “Whales are extremely intelligent animals. Makes one wonder if that whale knew exactly what it was doing. To be that close to a boat like that without slamming into it is very curious.”

Breaching Whales

Whale watchers frequently observe humpback whales breaching and lunging while oohing and aahing. In fact, the majority of whale watchers expect to see it. Breaching whales burst forth from the water with impressive force before crashing back to the surface with a loud sound.  

Many different explanations exist for why humpback whales and other marine creatures breach. Of all, there could be just as many causes for humpback whale breaches, based on what happened. 

Scientists hypothesized that whales breached for a variety of purposes, including communication, warning of approaching danger to others, stunning of prey, and rivalry between males during the mating ritual.

Males will breach as a message to other males attempting to approach when they are escorting females and their calves to nesting sites. Calves that have separated from their mothers have been observed breaching, perhaps in an effort to attract her attention and reunite.

The Danger of Boats to Whales

Most boats run the risk of both damaging the actual boats and hurting whales if one of these creatures ends up hitting the vessel. Small boats entangled in whale strikes have experienced blown engines, broken hulls, and damage to their rudders and propellers. 

On board, passengers have experienced significant injuries after being swept off their feet or even flung in the air. Thankfully, everyone on this expedition is alright because the whale was far enough away for safety. Take a look at the wild interaction in the video! 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © wildestanimal/

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