Watch This Huge Komodo Dragon Flex Its Power and Swallow a Shark Whole

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: February 15, 2023
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There are some aspects of nature you expect. You’ve seen some common wild animals, you know to respect their space and power, and you generally go about your day without encountering too many. There are some wild animals that are a bit more surprising, much like the Komodo dragon.

This is a vulnerable population in terms of conservation status, but they are certainly not vulnerable around their prey. These monstrous creatures are equipped with serrated teeth, allowing them to tear through flesh with ease. They can even smell rotting flesh up to 2.5 miles away!

What is a Komodo Dragon?

Komodo dragons are also known as Komodo monitors and are the heaviest lizards found in all the world. These terrifying creatures can travel up to 12 miles per hour. They grow as long as ten feet and may weigh over 300 pounds. Not only are they intimidatingly large and like something from a prehistoric nightmare, but they also have a poisonous bite to boot!

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Their vision allows them to spot prey as far as 985 feet and their undulating walk makes their head swing back and forth. That means they’re always on the lookout. They have no mercy and can rapidly down their meal with their strong throat and neck muscles.

Komodo dragon eat
Komodo dragon feasting ruthlessly on a carcass.

©Sergey Uryadnikov/

What Do Komodo Dragons Eat?

If it’s meaty, they’ll eat it. They scavenge and stalk different animals that range in size. For example, they may go for something as small as a rodent and also try and tackle a large water buffalo. Deer are perhaps their favorite meal. If they make it past five years old, they’re definitely going after large prey.

In this clip, you get a look at just how sinister nature can be. As it starts, you can appreciate its size. It walks on four legs, its back built like a body builder, its head narrow. There is a shark laying on the ground, out of water, and not moving. It’s the perfect opportunity for this Komodo dragon to get a free meal.

It takes the shark’s head into its mouth and as if it were just a single noodle, starts swallowing it whole. It chomps down a few times, sucking it into the back of its throat, displaying its prowess. With the shark’s tail hanging out of its mouth, it looks over as if having spotted the camera. That’s when the video ends.

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