Watch This Huge Lion Turn Into a Stealth Ninja and Quietly Sneak Up on Its Dinner

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: June 20, 2023
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Lions are expert hunters and know how to get just about any prey they want. Large animals weighing 100 to 1,000 pounds, like zebra and wildebeest, are the main prey of lions. Huge lions capture and consume an array of smaller creatures, from rats to lizards, during times of scarcity. 

Additionally, lions prey on the carcasses of leopards, hyenas, and other animals. They occasionally might forfeit a fresh catch to hyena packs. In regions close to villages, lions can additionally prey on domestic cattle.

How Do Lions Hunt?

Generally speaking, the lioness is the one to lead a hunt. Lions frequently approach and ambush their prey. When they hunt in a pride, this approach of gathering game becomes more effective.

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When they are young, many lions have beige spots.


There are two ways that lions hunt. The most well-known method of hunting is stalking, which is typically more obvious to observe and receives all the attention in wildlife television shows, mainly since it is their primary method of predation. 

The idea is to get close to their target while remaining as undetected as possible. Because of their slimmer physique, female lions have an edge in this method. In the video we have for you below, we see a particular moment when a huge lion goes in for a kill. 

Quiet as a Mouse

The footage starts off looking momentarily peaceful. A massive buffalo is comfortably lying in a meadow. Because of what happens next, we believe that the animal may be injured. The top comment on the video reads:

“The buffalo probably had a broken leg. The herd might have lingered around a bit, but their natural instinct is to eat and move and after a while, they left him as he wasn’t able to keep up. Just a haunch.”

A male lion quietly approaches the buffalo from behind. It’s impeccable how close the big cat can get without being detected. By the time the buffalo does see the lion, the cat pounces on top and sinks its teeth into the buffalo’s back.

How Does Buffalo Defend Themselves?

Even apex predators like lions can’t overpower an entire buffalo herd.

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Buffalo are able to ward off predators because of their pointed horns and thick hide. These beasts are violent and, if they so want, can use their razor-sharp horns to kill a lion. Buffaloes are social animals that dwell in herds of up to 500 others. 

When a lion attacks a herd, they often look for an injured animal, because they’re much easier to take down. As you can guess from the comment quoted above, had this buffalo been in the herd, it likely would’ve been safe from the hungry lion. 

Watch the Apex Predator Hunt Below! 

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