Watch This Incredible ‘Toilet Bowl’ Cliff Jump, Complete With A Flip

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: August 25, 2022
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Northern Arizona is the location of Lake Powell, which extends into southern Utah. It is a portion of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area‘s Colorado River. Lake Powell is the ideal playground thanks to its over 2,000 miles of shoreline, unending sunshine, warm water, ideal climate, and some of the west’s most breathtaking landscapes.

Cliff diving is likely the most straightforward extreme sport. There is no need to purchase any equipment, don any specific apparel, or engage any provider services. It is only your body that is falling from unimaginable heights into a pool of water below. That being said, many people seek out this sport for the adrenaline rush.

The stunning locales that play host to well-known cliffs and worldwide contests range from the warm seas of Jamaica to the chilly natural pools in Switzerland. Exotic locations are only one aspect of cliff diving that is thrilling, as a significant portion of the exhilaration comes from the risky freefall through the air.

One man was visiting Lake Powell when they spotted what’s called a toilet bowl. No, this isn’t the same thing as what’s in your bathroom. Nature’s toilet bowl, like the one seen in this video, is a small body of water surrounded by cliffs. Adventure seekers use the rocky shores as the perfect diving board into the water below. 

Brandon Gross uploaded the video on Youtube, but we’re unsure if he’s the one taking the leap in the footage. The scene starts with a man in a yellow shirt, shorts, and shoes sizing up the drop. You wouldn’t guess by looking at how he’s dressed that he’s about to plummet into the toilet bowl. 

Cliff Jumping at Lake Powell

Between the San Juan River and the Escalante River, where the Kayenta Formation creates brittle sandstone shelves ideal for climbing and jumping in the 10-15 foot range, is the best part of Lake Powell for low-level jumping. While we can’t guarantee it, it’s not likely that’s where Brandon and his buddies were jumping from. 

It’s always a good idea to go swimming in the water first to ensure there aren’t any large or sharp boulders under the surface that could cause harm to jumpers. The man in the video has a running start and does a complete flip before landing in the water! Everyone around him cheers and he appears unscathed. 

The Glen Canyon area is made up of a number of small to large canyons that are separated from one another by ridges or huge mesas. Generally speaking, the elevation ranges from mesas that are higher than 6,000 feet in elevation to Lake Powell’s altitude of roughly 3,700 feet. The cliffs around the toilet bowl in this video look to be no higher than 50 to 80 feet. 

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Watch This Incredible 'Toilet Bowl' Cliff Jump, Complete With A Flip

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