Watch This Insanely Buff Kangaroo Arm Wrestle a Man in Texas

Written by Taiwo Victor
Updated: October 19, 2023
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It’s one thing to get into an arm wrestle with another person, but an animal? That’s even very crazy to imagine, but some people have more than enough courage to face off against one of the strongest animals to ever exist- the kangaroo. These animals are known to get insanely buff – considering this, can you imagine them facing off against a human in arm wrestling? Insane, right? 

Check Out the Hulk-Like Kangaroo Below!

This is precisely what happened; a recent video showed a jacked kangaroo squaring off with a man in what seemed like an arm wrestle. According to the video, the kangaroo is in Texas. The video started off showing a really buff kangaroo in what seems to be a farm shed with three men, one of them filming the video. Although these animals are endemic to Australia, there is still an unknown population of these animals in certain parts of the United States. Kangaroos are herbivores, and because of this, they tend to inhabit areas like grasslands and savannas. This is why the kangaroo in the video was in an area covered with different plants.

In the video, the kangaroo is pulling a man’s arm through a hole in a wooden structure dividing them. At some point in the video, the man who was having his arm pulled on by the kangaroo said, “You are getting me closer than I want to be.” This shows that it is not safe for humans to be around kangaroos in general, let alone a kangaroo that jacked! Generally, many people have the notion of kangaroos being very docile and shy animals, which they are, but around humans, these guys could be aggressive. 

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The interaction between the kangaroo and the man in the video did not seem like the two were familiar with each other; it seemed like the kangaroo just wandered into the shed where the men were. However, it is not uncommon to find kangaroos in a wide variety of habitats that are not too far from human settlements, particularly in Australia and other islands. 

Largest Kangaroos - Buff Kangaroo

Some kangaroos can get quite buff through kickboxing with fellow ‘roos.

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It might be shocking to most who watch this video to see a kangaroo with that many muscles, but it is not uncommon. Kangaroos are not very big animals; they grow to an average of almost six feet tall. However, despite these animals’ not-so-large size, there is still the possibility of them getting incredibly buff. The easiest way for kangaroos to get buff is through kickboxing rounds with fellow kangaroos, especially males. It’s intriguing to consider that the kangaroo in the video had already established dominance among his fellow kangaroos before coming to interact with people. When one of the men in the video brought him food, he didn’t even look at it, showing how determined he seemed to be about it. 

How Dangerous Are Kangaroos?

Kangaroos have strong legs, hands, and a kick force of about 759 pounds, capable of inflicting injury on humans. In the video, you can see that all the men and the kangaroo are in a building made of aluminum. The surprising part is that the kangaroo’s head almost touches the ceiling of the building while the other men do not even reach the kangaroo’s shoulders. At some point, you can even begin to hear the fear in the man’s voice because he knew he had no shot against the kangaroo.

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