Watch This Large Komodo Dragon Plant a Lethal Kiss and Paralyze a Deer

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: August 1, 2023
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We’ve heard of the kiss of life from the famous childhood story of Sleeping Beauty. After she was put to sleep by the evil queen asleep, her prince charming came along and kissed her and brought her back to life. But have you ever heard of the kiss of death? Well, for this poor young deer, he was about to experience this kiss. 

This short YouTube clip, which you can easily find at the bottom of this post, was filmed and posted on the Komodo Stories Channel on YouTube. If you enjoy seeing and, more importantly, learning about the great Komodo dragon, we would encourage you to hop on over to that channel and see some great footage of them. 

This video starts with a young deer that is experiencing a lethal kiss from a Komodo dragon, for lack of a better term. This deer seemingly is paralyzed and cannot move from the lock this Komodo dragon has him in. 

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We see the struggle as the deer strives to pull back; however, this Komodo dragon is too strong and will not release the grip his jaws have around his face. As the camera pans, we are able to see a second Komodo dragon behind the deer! As if they are waiting for their friend to finish the kill, and then they will enjoy the food with him.

What do Komodo Dragons Eat?

Komodo dragons eat their prey. Indonesia. Komodo National Park. An excellent illustration.

The estimated population size of the Komodo dragon is 3,000-5,000.


The Komodo dragon is a very large species of lizard. Typically when we think of a lizard, our minds immediately go to those little itty-bitty lizards that you see on your door when you get home at night. Those ones are about 0.02 ounces. 

However, this Komodo dragon is by no means that small. These giant lizards could rightly be called baby godzillas. Because that is what they look like. The Komodo dragon can weigh between 70-150 kilograms (150-300 pounds) and reach up to 2-3.1 meters (6.6-10.3 feet) in length. 

Komodo Dragon, Cut Out, Animal Wildlife, Asia, Asian and Indian Ethnicities

The Komodo dragon is an incredibly aggressive lizard that has long, sharp, and curved claws.


Because of their size, we can only imagine that this species of lizard is carnivorous. As such they will eat pigs, water buffalo, and goats. And of course, as seen from this video posted below they do enjoy eating deer as well. 

Don’t waste any more time. Watch this incredible kiss of death!

Check out the Incredible Video Posted Below!

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