Watch This Lone Kayaker Get the Scare of Their Life When an Angry Grizzly Charges Into the Water

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Updated: November 7, 2023

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A brown grizzly bear churning up water as it runs through it.
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When enjoying a day out on the water, there are few animals that we might typically expect to see. Perhaps a dolphin leaps out of the water, and we watch it majestically diver back down into the water. Or perhaps a fish wobbles up on the waves and ends up flapping onto your boat. Goodness, we might even expect to possibly see a shark come up and try to bite the boat. 

However, an animal coming up to us on the water that is probably the least on our list of expectations would be a grizzly bear! Wait, did you read that correctly? Yes, a grizzly bear in the water!

One beautiful afternoon, a kayaker is out on the water. We see from the video below a group of kayakers that are further behind that are filming this incredible interaction ahead of them. We see one of their friends that is alone in a kayak by himself up aways. Suddenly, on land, we see an enormous grizzly bear charge straight into the water!

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While it is not an unusual occurrence to see a grizzly bear in the water because they will eat fish, it is quite odd to see what happens next. You probably guessed it already; this grizzly doesn’t stop running. He keeps going further and deeper into the water. That’s right; he’s headed straight for this lone kayaker.

The lone kayaker notices this, and we see him paddling faster and faster. If he can just catch the waves, he can ride downstream quicker. Luckily, he was able to do just that. As he caught the waves, he was headed downstream at a much quicker rate. The grizzly bear now has missed the opportunity to do whatever he was planning on doing. Tipping the kayak over? Thinking this man had fish saved up? Who knows! 

What do Grizzly Bears Eat?

Grizzly bear eating a fish

Grizzly bears can run up to 35 miles per hour.


We might think grizzly bears just eat fish. This is pretty common in books, movies, and videos that we can watch of grizzly bears catching and eating fish. And while we would be correct in that grizzlies do eat fish, that is not the only food that they eat.

In addition to salmon, in particular, bears, as omnivores, will also eat fruit, bears, roots, mushrooms, and insects

Perhaps this grizzly bear thought this kayak was a large salmon!

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