Watch This Lurking Tiger Lunge And Launch A Midnight Attack On A Motorcycle

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: October 21, 2023
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Dark, lonely roads present many dangers, particularly if you’re in a remote environment where wildlife roams freely. Enclosed cars offer more protection than motorcycles but unfortunately for the two men in this video, they’re riding on the least-protected type of vehicle.

How Do Tigers Hunt?

tiger running in snow
Tigers will stalk their prey and then ambush it by running toward it at full speed



Tigers use the cover of nightfall to hunt. They stalk their prey and ambush it by running toward it at full speed to strike. If the prey animal is small enough, they take it down to the ground using its claws and teeth. They usually snap the animal’s neck and then, they feast.

If they’re hunting a larger prey animal, they go for the jugular — literally. By biting their throat, they manage to kill the animal, which brings it down to the ground where they can keep the attack going as they devour the meat, savor the organs, and crunch through the bones.

Do Tigers Hunt Humans?

Wild Bengal Tiger lying on the grass and yawns.
Tigers are generally not interested in humans but in certain situations, they become an easy target.


Under regular circumstances, humans are of no interest to tigers. If they have a full buffet spread and humans are a part of it, they’ll skip past them to enjoy their usual meals, including antelope, deer, buffalos, and moose.

In situations when their usual source of food is scarce, they may hunt humans. This is more of a desperate act since they have no preference for human meat. However, humans are easy prey. Hunting humans can hold them over until they find their preferred source of food.

In this clip, you’re watching from inside a truck on a dark, rather desolate road. There are two men inside who seem to have spotted something hiding in the bushes. A motorcycle passes on their right as they keep their vehicle still.

In the next moment, a second motorcycle passes carrying two passengers. This is when the tiger lunges from the brush, hitting the road for just a second with its paws before lunging again at the two motorcycle riders.

Although you can hear the men speaking in Hindi, there are no subtitles to decipher what they’re saying. It’s unclear if they tried to warn others of the upcoming danger. They do manage, however, to capture a bone-chilling close call that likely left the two riders in shock for several moments as they sped away. The two men in the truck gasp in unison and then release the tension with laughter when they realize the tiger missed its mark.  

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Andi

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