Watch This Massive Moose Defy Physics and Walk on Water

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: January 27, 2023
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This incredible video has divided the internet! Is it real or is it a fake? It appears to show a huge moose running alongside a boat – apparently walking on water? Can this really be true!

Moose Walking on Water Video

This particular video has been circulating since 2020 but there are a few other clips out there that seem to show moose walking on water. So, can moose actually walk on water? The simple answer is, no, they cannot. Moose are the largest of all the deer species and are found in several locations in North America as well as in parts of Europe and Eurasia. Some can grow to over 1,500 pounds! Whilst more than 1,200 animal species have the ability to walk on water, moose are not one of them.

Animals that can walk on water are often very small, such as the water strider (pond skater), and their weight can be fully supported by the surface tension of the water. Others, such as the Western Grebe and the basilisk lizard, slap downwards on the water with such force that it stops them from sinking.

Moose are strong swimmers and can swim for over 10 miles – they can even stay under water for 30 seconds but they can’t walk on it!

Moose Size Comparison - Moose in Field
Moose are not an animal species that can walk on water

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Shallow Water and Small Boats?

A number of explanations have been put forward for what is happening in this video. Most commentators are convinced that the water is very shallow. Because the moose is so tall, it is difficult to appreciate that they are actually striding through water that is several inches deep. Others think that the moose knows where a hidden mound is located and that it is following that to avoid deeper water. But that does not really explain the boat that is travelling alongside the moose and how the animal can cross in front of the boat.

One explanation is that this is a very shallow jet boat (or air boat) that can be used in just a few inches of water.

Traditional boats with outboard motors and propellers would soon get damaged in shallow water as the propellor hits the ground. But in jet propulsion systems, the water is sucked up from underneath the boat and pushed out at high pressure from the back. These flat-bottomed boats are ideal for shallow rivers and sheltered lakes and for following moose!

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Moose in shallow water
Moose will often head into water when pursued by predators
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