Watch This Monster Turtle Invade a Man’s Pond and Gobble Up His Fish

Koi fish in Japanese garden pond

Written by Kirstin Harrington

Updated: October 19, 2023

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You’re about to meet a man that is incredibly passionate about an outdoor oasis he’s created for koi and goldfish. The trouble with having a beautiful outdoor sanctuary for these beautiful animals is that they’re exposed to the elements. 

A Youtube channel under the name “Catch Em All Fishing” is home to incredible wildlife content. Zach, who runs the channel, happens to notice something staring up at him from under the water. 

Instead of a fish, a turtle is peeping up from the surface. Zach has noticed that something has been messing with his fish and their environment over the last several days. After seeing the turtle, he thinks he may have found the culprit.

Check Out This Entire Video Below To See What Happens!

What Do Wild Turtles Eat?

Land turtles are a delicate species of reptiles that are becoming more and more challenging to locate and track in the wild. These slow-moving organisms are constantly fascinating due to their ability to conceal themselves in their hard carapaces and effortlessly blend in with their surroundings. 

Spiny Softshell Turtle (Apalone spinifera)

Softshell turtles have distinctive tubular noses.

Since the majority of terrestrial turtles are omnivores, they should have all of their nutritional requirements met by living in natural biomes with flora, consistent populations of bugs, and densely populated substrates. 

Certain species might have a tendency to eat more plants, but others might prefer to eat grub and any dead animal debris they happen to find. In this video, we’re dealing with a softshell turtle. The majority of what softshell turtles eat is meat. They may actively seek out and pursue prey or ambush it to get a shot at it. 

Softshell Turtle Facts

The rectangular, leathery-soft shell of Florida softshell turtles ranges in color from deep brown to army green and includes lumps behind the skull. Florida softshell turtles can be spotted sunbathing on wood and floating plants, or along the edges of areas of water, where they spend the majority of their time. 

Spiny Softshell Turtle
Softshell turtles can be spotted sunbathing on wood or floating plants.

Florida softshell turtles are mostly carnivorous, eating fish, crustaceans, bugs, snails, and occasionally small birds. They favor locations with sandy or swampy bottoms. This is due to their preference for hiding out in these areas.

Saving the Fish

Zach is prepared to capture this troublesome critter with wading overalls on and a fishing net in his hand. Since it blends in with the pebbles, it is challenging to see the softshell turtle when it’s underwater. 

Showa koi fish swimming in pond- one of the most expensive koi fish

Japan Koi Carp fish can be incredibly expensive to keep.

He tries to capture the softshell turtle, but unfortunately, they are exceedingly speedy.  Ultimately, he reaches for his net, praying the turtle won’t harm the costly fishing gear. To find out the end, you’ll have to check out the video below! !

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