Watch This Moose Effortlessly Run On Top of the Water

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: September 20, 2022
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We know that moose are incredible animals, but this individual is the next level. In this great video, we see a short clip of a magnificent moose appear to walk on water at a lovely lake in Alberta, Canada – the world’s second largest country. This moose looks perfectly comfortable and trots elegantly through the water. There must be a shallow area by here unless this moose has actually learned how to walk on water!

The Majestic Moose

Moose are majestic animals that are synonymous with Canada although they are also found in many parts of the U.S., Asia and Europe. It looks as if the animal in this video is a female as they do not have antlers which can grow up to six feet wide on males. Although they do discard them during November and March so it could be a male during this time.

They live in forested areas and feed from grass, twigs and bark and it is not unusual to see them near water as they will also feed off pondweeds like lilies and weeds.

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Their long faces and muzzles hanging over their chins with a flap of skin under their throat gives them a distinctive appearance and sets them apart from elk and deer. They are large and strong animals with muscular bodies and strong bones. Female adults can reach heights of six feet and weigh up to 1200 pounds.

Movement in Water

Moose in Canada stay near lakes and marshes during the summer months when it is warmer. They can move fast – up to 20 mph and are not bothered by muddy ground as we see in this vid as the moose moves through the water with ease. This is because they have hooves that are split into two large toes that spread wide apart on mud. It produces a large surface area and stops them from sinking.

They are also not scared of water as they are strong swimmers. They enjoy immersing their bodies in cold water which helps to cool them down in the summer. Also, they enter the water when they want to get away from predators. Moose can stand in fast flowing water currents that would sweep a wolf away making it a great escape strategy. Their thick coats with long, hollow hairs trap the water and keep them buoyant. No wonder this moose looks so at home on the water!

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