Watch This Moose Invade a Theater Looking for Popcorn

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: November 28, 2023
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There’s an excellent reason for this moose invading a theater, and it’s not to see a movie! Moose are large animals and need much food to keep them happy. This one has discovered that theaters contain a lot of popcorn. Having found a discarded popcorn carton in the trashcan, it somehow got stuck on its nose! As this hilarious clip shows, moose have yet to perfect the art of eating popcorn from cartons.

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Where Do Moose Normally Live?

This clip was filmed in Alaska, and moose are found throughout that state and in the northeastern United States, from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to Canada. They are not usually found in movie theaters! Their natural habitat is in boreal forests, especially near streams and ponds with willow trees.

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Forests are the natural habitat of moose, and they are perfectly adapted to cope with snow cover during the winter months. If the snow is too deep, however, they cannot move through it, and this leaves them vulnerable to predation by wolves. These guys prefer excellent habitats and cannot cope with temperatures above 27 degrees Celsius.

What Do Moose Normally Eat?

Moose are most active when looking for food at dawn and dusk. They have excellent hearing and an excellent sense of smell. The trashcan smell may have attracted this moose in the first place. Usually, they eat twigs, bark, and shoots of woody plants. Their favorites are willows and aspens; they will also eat the roots if they can get at them. In the warmer months, they feed on aquatic plants such as water lilies and pond weeds. During the colder months, they browse on conifers and can chew and digest the needle-like tough leaves. They need a lot of food to keep them happy. It’s not unusual for an adult moose to eat over 40 pounds of food in a day.

Are Moose Aggressive?

Moose hiding among the tress

Moose can become aggressive when they are stressed.


According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, moose are generally not aggressive. However, there are instances when they become aggressive, often when they are stressed. Anything from dogs to heavy traffic can cause moose to become agitated. They are also more likely to be aggressive when hungry and tired. It is illegal to feed moose in Alaska because they become too conditioned to receive food from humans, and this can make them aggressive when they don’t get the food they were hoping for! We expect the people in this clip managed to remove the moose from the theater without anyone getting hurt.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © equigini/iStock via Getty Images

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