Watch This Moose Try to Crash a BBQ With Fireworks

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: November 23, 2022
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If you love the outdoors, the opening of this video feels familiar. There is a family sitting on camping chairs around a fire pit. There’s water just ahead of them, a small dock, and a little green boat. It seems they’re just enjoying a fun family day. Nothing out of the ordinary, really. Except there is a moose right in the center of the camera view in the water.

It starts approaching the space where the family has set up their barbecue station for the day. They’re all giggling and commenting on the moose’s brazenness as it approaches them. The camera follows the moose as it starts making its way onto land. The family is not sure if the moose intends to charge or not.

It shows no fear of humans. As it approaches the family, one of the men stands up in a defensive pose. The moose runs off to the side and a little boy asks, “Hey dad, you want me to go get your knife?” You can tell the child is a bit startled by what’s going on. How couldn’t he be? The size of this moose alone is intimidating.

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Then, the moose starts stomping off on the left side of the yard. It’s getting ready to charge. “You got some fireworks? Uh-oh, here comes the dog!” The lady’s voice in the video barely uttered the question about fireworks before she noticed their family pup matching the moose’s brazenness.

Colorful firework display
Colorful firework displays are for holidays, and sometimes they’re for scaring off encroaching moose.


As any family dog would do, Bubba runs out to face off with the moose. Then, the moose does what the family anticipated. It charges the dog and runs after it across their yard. There’s a lot of commentary in the background; some of them are a bit alarmed, and some of them are just narrating.

They seem rather amused at the scene. Then, the moose comes back toward the family, and you can hear their tones change. There’s a bit more commotion as their other dog Rosie tries to scare the moose off as well.

You can hear a child crying in the background as the scene unfolds and the loud fireworks they lit go off. The moose, after hearing the loud boom, runs away from the family enjoying their Memorial Day barbecue. They handled the unexpected guest well, all things considered.

Watch a fun-loving family amusedly handle this unexpected guest.

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Female moose
The moose mating season is between September and October.
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