Watch This Rottweiler Barely Flinch When a Black Panther Pounces on Its Back Culák

Written by Hannah Crawford

Updated: January 18, 2024

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Being attacked by any animal is scary. Back that up even further to say being attacked by an animal without warning is even scarier. You weren’t able to brace for impact or have the ability to try and fight back. Wait, let’s back this up even more by saying the animal attacking is a black panther! 

Well, this might sound utterly terrifying to us. Imagine a black panther coming out of nowhere and attacking us. However, for this rottweiler in the video captured below, we see it did not faze him one little bit. 

This short YouTube clip shows a muscular black rottweiler. It is a snowy day, and he is biting on a large stick, likely trying to get it up from the ground. He’s totally oblivious to what’s about to happen. This videographer was able to pick up a black panther behind the rottweiler running up from behind. 

When we’re watching it for the first time, we want to just yell out, “Watch out!” However, there is no time at all as it happens in a split second. As we could imagine, we would think this dog would hear the sound of an animal coming up behind him. Was it the stealth of this panther that kept the dog unaware? 

As the black panther closes in, we see him take one giant leap up in the air and reach his paws out. His paws land right on the back of this rottweiler, and he rushes right over. Almost as if he was merely using him as a stepping stool to get to the other side. 

We might naturally expect this rottweiler to get angry and charge at this black panther and want to fight. We are quite shocked to see this dog barely even flinch. And he merely goes right back to what he was doing, chomping down on this stick. It’s almost as if this was an everyday occurrence for this dog!

If you just went off this one video, you’d be stunned. However, this is one of many videos existing on Facebook and Tik Tok of Luna the black panther and her best friend, a rottweiler named Venza she was raised with. As the story goes according to one Facebook video, Luna was somehow abandoned as a kitten and rescued by a woman who raised her with her pet rottweiler, who at the time was already full grown. While Luna had health issues, it looks as if she grew into a healthy, happy adult. There are many videos of Luna and Venza playing in the woods.

While looks may be deceiving, you can’t help but enjoy these videos of Luna making sneak attacks on Venza. It’s a truly heart-warming example of how endearing a wild animal can be. It’s always necessary, however, to remember that wild animals can turn, even those that appear completely tame. We hope that Luna will always be as sweet and affectionate as she appears.

How Big are Rottweilers?

Rottweiler carrying big tree limb in mouth

Rottweilers have a fiercely protective nature.

Rottweilers weigh up to 130 pounds and reach up to 24-27 muscular inches at the shoulder. What is impressive about rottweilers is their strong bite force. Rottweilers have about 328 pounds per square inch (PSI) bite force. A human’s bite force is about a third of this. So, we can only imagine how powerful that bite would be. 

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