Watch This Slimy Frog Do Its Best Meow Impression and Terrify Three Cats

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: September 5, 2023
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Cats are curious creatures and can’t stop themselves from checking out something new in their house. It’s a frog! One brave tabby has stepped forward and is tapping it on the head. The problem is that the intruder is not exactly happy about all of this feline attention. It lets out an enormous scream that sounds exactly like a cat’s meow. This is enough to terrify not only the tabby cat but the other two cats that are looking on. Scroll down to see the full extraordinary footage of a frog fending off three cats without lifting a finger!

Do Cats Eat Frogs?

Cats are obligate carnivores and need to catch other animals to stay alive. As a result, they are excellent hunters and are adept at catching a wide range of prey. You normally associate cats with catching mice and small birds. However, should the opportunity present itself, a cat would also be willing to catch a frog. Frogs are similar in size to a mouse or a rabbit and if they move around quickly they will soon attract the cat’s attention.

In this particular scenario, the cat seems to be more curious than hungry. It is patting the frog on the head to try to work out exactly what it is. It looks as if this cat has not come across a frog of this size before.

Most of the time, it should not be a problem for a cat to eat a frog because there are no toxic frogs in the United States. However, that is not true for tropical regions and rainforests which are home to several toxic frog species.

cat staring intently at toy

Cats are very inquisitive animals.

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Why Do Frogs Scream?

Frogs are pretty good at vocalizing, and they do this for several reasons. When a frog screams it can sound like a startled human infant or, as we hear in this case, like a cat. It usually lasts for several seconds. Some frogs scream to attract a mate and others do it to establish their territorial dominance. Frogs have been heard to scream from excitement after it has rained.

In this clip, the scream is likely a distress call. It is a sign that the frog is feeling very frightened because the cat is touching it. There are several species of ‘screaming frogs’ and these include the Eastern grey tree frog, the green and black poison dart frog, spring peepers, and the coqui frog.

Watch the Extraordinary Footage Below

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