Watch This Texas Man Come Across a Massive Alligator Ambushing a Defenseless Deer

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Written by Crystal

Updated: November 10, 2023

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Alligator in Lake
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A Texas fisherman had an experience that left him both awed and spooked. He was cruising down Squaw Creek when he saw a deer floating in the water, not moving a muscle. It was just lying on the surface of the water, barely breathing. He got his boat a little closer, and a massive alligator pulled the deer deep under the water! Follow along as we learn more about these incredible species and see the incredible footage for yourself.

Wildlife Moment: Squaw Creek Texas

As the video begins, you’ll see the fishermen talking about what happens at Squaw Creek in Texas. Then the video cuts to the main scene, the moment when an alligator is eating a deer. But before the craziness begins, you get to look around the Creek.

Squaw Creek looks gorgeous. There’s a lot of wide open water, beautiful tree lines, and gorgeous views. It looks like the perfect day of hunting when the footage quickly takes a slightly ominous tone. At first, the fisherman has no clue why the deer is just lying on the water, not moving at all. When the deer’s pulled underwater, it looks so creepy. It’s like a sea monster is eating the deer from the depths. And in a way, one is!

Deer are excellent swimmers.


What Massive Alligators Eat

Alligators have been known to eat deer, especially when the deer comes to the water’s edge to drink. As ambush hunters, alligators take whatever opportunity comes their way to eat a variety of fish, turtles, birds, and mammals.

They don’t usually go after large mammals like deer, but they won’t pass up a big meal like that. Alligators will ambush the deer and drag it into the water before consuming it. Sometimes they’ll even do a death roll to help dismember the deer, breaking it into smaller chunks. Whatever part they don’t eat, they’ll store for later. Alligators love eating rotten meals.


As ambush hunters, alligators take whatever opportunity comes their way to eat a variety of fish, turtles, birds, and mammals.

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Can Deers Swim?

Deer are capable swimmers. While deer aren’t aquatic animals, they spend much time around water. They’ve learned how to swim to help escape predators or reach food sources. They use a dog paddle technique where they kick their legs and use their hooves to propel themselves forward.

Deer can even hold their breath underwater for short periods of time, but nothing compared to the alligator’s breath-holding abilities. And even though deer are capable swimmers, they can tire out easily. Moving through rough or fast-moving water puts a deer at risk of drowning or being eaten by an alligator.

Have you seen a massive alligator eating a deer before? It’s freaky but also a part of nature. See the crazy wildlife moment for yourself in the video below.

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