Watch This Titanic-Sized Great White Shark Attack a Boat Like Its a Rubber Chew Toy

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Written by Angie Menjivar

Updated: November 7, 2023

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great white shark
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Some would prefer to avoid a one-of-a-kind encounter with a great white shark out in the ocean. But others would celebrate an experience like this. For the fishermen in the video below, the encounter is forever ingrained in their minds (and luckily for you, they perfectly captured it and shared it!).

Do Chum Bags Attract Sharks?

Chum bags are great for attracting bottom-dwelling fish, making for a more successful fishing trip. There are some chumming techniques anglers employ to attract sharks as well. According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, if a shark is motivated to feed, chumming is sure to attract it. However, there are persistent concerns over the close proximity between humans and sharks in these instances. Nevertheless, chumming should be handled case by case. While some scenarios present greater dangers, in other cases, chumming is not a problem.

Can Great White Sharks Damage Fishing Boats?

A shot of the beautiful wild great white shark underwater

Great white sharks don’t typically approach boats but when they do, it’s phenomenal.

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Great white sharks have developed quite a reputation for their attacks on inanimate objects like boats. It’s rare, but it happens. They’re not so much interested in the boat’s human occupants, however, as they are in what’s swirling around the boat. Great white sharks are powerful ocean fish and yes, they can certainly damage a fishing boat, especially if it’s on the smaller side. In most recorded cases of a great white shark’s encounter with a boat, the damage was minimal because the shark didn’t all-out attack. It simply gave the boat a little bump.

Great White Shark Approaches Fishing Boat

When the video below starts, you’re staring down into bluish-green, murky water and a fishing pole is in view. You can hear a group of excited anglers saying, “Yes! Come on!” as they pull something in. Just then, a man says, “Oh my god. Holy … !” and that’s when the camera pans up a bit to something much bigger moving around in the water. The men erupt in laughter as they stare. A great white shark’s dorsal fin emerges from the water and as it approaches their boat, you can better make out its size beneath the rippling water.

The men are ecstatic as one yells out, “That thing is huge!” Not one of them displays fear, only fascination. The shark seems interested in something hanging off their boat: the chum bag! It heads straight for it, emerging out of the water in a movie-like display, and grabs the bag quickly yet gently, as if wanting to leave the fishermen unbothered. The men are celebrating at this point as one of them comically yells out, “Well, there goes the chum bag!”

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