Watch This Valiant Mongoose Bite the Nose of a Threatening Lion

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: April 28, 2023
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Key Points

  • Mongooses are widely regarded throughout history for their bold, oftentimes victorious battles against the fiercest of snakes.
  • Given their penchant for engaging in vicious combat, it should come as no surprise that these tiny terrors would show no fear in the face of the king of the jungle!
  • Below you can watch one particularly menacing mongoose bite the nose of a lion that’s attempting to turn it into a meal.

The predator-prey relationship is turned on its head in this clip as a brave mongoose takes on not just one but two lions! This plucky little creature refuses to back down and after leaping and lunging at the big cats for quite some time, it eventually springs up and appears to nip a lion on the nose! In the below clip, we get to see something remarkable!

All About the Mongoose

The mongoose (Helogale Parvula) is a native animal of Africa and Asia and is a small, sleek creature that looks a bit like a weasel and is a distant relative of the hyena. They are known for having a bold temperament and are the subject of several myths. These little mammals were even kept as pets during Egyptian times and some mummified mongooses have been discovered in tombs.

There are over 30 different species of mongoose and they vary in size. However, they all tend to have elongated bodies, short legs, thin snouts, and small rounded ears. Most are brown, grey, or yellow and some have stripes. Some live alone but others live in larger groups. Their preferred habitats are in hot, tropical areas. You may have noticed some piles of earth in this video. These may be connected with some mongoose tunnels. The terrestrial mongooses burrow into the ground and are equipped with non-retractable claws for doing so. They create a complex system of tunnels beneath the earth.

Mongoose teeth
Mongooses will stand up to larger predators


Mongooses Standing Up to Predators

This may seem like an amusing encounter but it is not actually unusual for a mongoose to stand its ground when faced with a larger and deadly predator. They are hunted by hawks and big cats but often fight back using their agility, speed (some can reach 20 mph), attitude, and teeth!

They are also willing to take on venomous snakes and it is thought that they have some natural immunity to snake venom. However, repeated snake bites would still have an effect on them.

Mongooses are also predators themselves and catch reptiles, birds, insects, and even small mammals. They are not fussy about what they eat and can therefore exploit new habitats – this can cause problems for other species!

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