Watch This Kitesurfer Launch to Impossible Heights Off A Single Wave

Written by Katie Melynn Wood
Published: October 4, 2022
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Animals aren’t the only ones capable of incredible jumps in the ocean. If you’ve never been kitesurfing, this amazing video footage may just inspire you to give the adventurous sport a try.

Kitesurfing is popular with those who want the thrill of flying through the air. They begin with their feet attached to the actual board, which is specially designed for this purpose. Kiteboarders use a kite and the same principles that you learned as a kid with a small handmade kite, to generate lift. They do need some amount of wind and space. This kitesurfer is in the ocean, near the shore. You can see the waves break in the foreground of the video. Kitesurfing near and over waves creates the perfect place to do jumps and other tricks.

Many kitesurfers attempt to do tricks while in the air. These often begin with small jumps and spins. This video shows an advanced kitesurfer who gets very high up in the air and goes inverted while still hanging onto the rope that connects them to the kite.

An Epic Jump

It looks like this kiteboarder got over 100 feet in the air. It was probably closer to 150. Many people in the comments weighed in on both the estimated height and the daring of the kiteboarder.

“I hope you filed a flight plan with the FAA,” said one viewer. “That was epic.”

The landing was also notable, with the kiteboarder bringing his board back down to the water with ease. It can be easy to get disoriented, especially when jumping into the air and going inverted. But it wasn’t a problem for this kiteboarder, who landed the jump like it was nothing.

Other viewers put themselves in the kiteboarder’s shoes, wondering if he knew what he was getting into when he started that jump.

“Imagine from his perspective just seeing the waves and the people getting smaller and smaller,” wrote one.

“Man I am so jealous of that flying feeling he most definitely felt!!! That was awesome,” said another viewer.

This was surely a trick for both the kiteboarder and those who witnessed it to remember. Lucky for us, the entire amazing thing was captured on video!

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