Watch This Wolverine Turn Into a Self-Defense Master and Fend Off 2 Menacing Wolves

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Written by Sharon Parry

Updated: November 10, 2023

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Wolverine shows its sharp teeth in threatening stance
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In theory, this small mammal should not be too much of a challenge for two wolves. Wolves are accomplished predators and with two of them working together, they are capable of bringing down much larger animals than this. Nevertheless, they completely fail to overwhelm this wolverine and end up looking a bit foolish!

By the end of the clip, the wolves are looking a little bewildered and embarrassed and look as if they’re about to slip off pretending that they’ve never attempted this in the first place! Scroll down to see the full brave defense mounted by this amazing wolverine.

Where Do Wolverines Normally Live?

What do wolverines eat - a wolverine eating

Wolverines can hunt animals five times bigger than they are!

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Wolverines are small-to-medium-sized mammals that are found in North America and northern Eurasia. They need large areas of undisturbed boreal habitat. This is an ecosystem with a sub-arctic climate – they are located in the northern hemisphere. Boreal forests are full of deciduous trees and conifers. In North America, wolverines are found in Alaska and northern Canada but you may also spot them in mountainous regions along the Pacific coast. They have even been seen as far south as the Sierras in California.

Typical habitats are alpine forests and tundra, but they are also found in open grasslands and boreal shrub transition zones. They don’t like to live near humans so they are not found in urban or suburban areas and prefer undisturbed open country. These are not warm-weather animals! They are found almost exclusively in cold climates.

How Do Wolverines Normally Behave?

The behavior in this clip is typical for a wolverine. They are generally solitary animals and are territorial. They are not bothered by snow or severe weather. Wolverines are known for being ferocious and have even been seen attacking black bears – so wolves are no problem for them! These impressive creatures are capable of bringing down prey that is five times bigger than they are. Often, they cannot eat it all at once so they hide it in deep snow. They have large claws which they can use for catching prey and for attacking wolves! These guys are very strong animals and have an aggressive nature. Wolverines have been seen challenging whole packs of wolves to take over a carcass!

They have very few if any natural predators because they are so good at defending themselves. However, younger and less experienced wolverines could be overcome by a pack of wolves and by mountain lions and bears. This wolverine, on the other hand, knew exactly what it was doing!

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