Watch Three Rocky Mountain Wolves Barrel Through The Woods In Hot Pursuit

Written by Katie Melynn
Published: August 29, 2022
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Nothing compares to the graceful power of a wolf in pursuit. This video perfectly captures three wolves running through the Montana woods while hunting.

The video begins with one wolf running after prey. It then slows down to less than half speed so that the viewer can take in the raw power of the clip. After one minute, a second wolf runs through the same area. Three minutes later, the third wolf barrels after the first two. Each wolf is shown at full speed and then in slow motion.

The clip was taken by a stationary camera that was set up to record well before the wolves came into the area. It was lucky that such a great video was captured. There is no shortage of wildlife in the Rocky Mountains, where the camera was located. It was set up in Central Montana, which is known for its amazing wildlife.

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The video goes on to show another wolf walking through the frame calmly a few days later. It is unclear whether it is one of the same wolves from previously in the video. The camera also captures a whitetail deer. A whitetail buck walks near the camera at night in the final clip.

Montana is home to many species of animals, including wolves and deer. Because the state is less populated and there are a lot of natural areas remaining, animals can live here with little interference in their habits or habitat from humans. This makes it a great place to both study and see wildlife in its natural environment.

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moutain wolf running fast
Wolves are speedy animals that can exceed 30 MPH.
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