Watch Two Bears Face Off In Terrifying Trail Cam Fight

Written by Jeremiah Wright
Updated: October 20, 2023
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When humans are not around in the wild, unbelievably bizarre things happen in nature, especially among animals. We’ve always been curious about how they behave or act when we’re not around, which is why trail cameras were invented.

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Besides taking pictures and videos of unseen wildlife, trail cameras are also made to see elusive animals that come out only at specific times, or study how much a particular animal species travels. Many fantastic nature footages have already been captured by trail cameras, which is why many nature enthusiasts continue to set one up during their trips to the wild to see unique and rare encounters.

One of the many amazing footages taken by trail cams is this chilling trail cam video of two grown black bears having what looks like a territorial fight. We wouldn’t really call it that because bears are not territorial. They will usually fight each other to establish dominance or defend a food source.

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In the short 30-second trail cam video, there are two black bears, although the other black bear has a brownish color with darker arms and face. This kind of black bear is a “cinnamon bear,” a subspecies of the American black bear

In the video, the two black bears aggressively charged at each other using their powerful arms with their strength. They continued to attack each other until the cinnamon bear slightly overpowered the darker bear, taking it down for a few seconds until it stood up and used its arms to throw “punches” at the cinnamon bear.

The darker bear remained aggressive while the cinnamon bear cooled down as they circled a tree and waited for a perfect time to charge at each other once more. As they circled the tree, the tension decreased, and the two black bears decided to stop the fight as they went back on all fours and resolved their conflict.

It is also seen on the video that another trail cam was mounted on a tree in which the two bears circled, and it was slightly broken down by the cinnamon bear unintentionally.

The trail cam footage just proves how black bears can be powerful and robust and how these fights in the wild are rare yet wonderful to watch.

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