Watch Two Crocs Fight To The Death in An Intense Match

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: October 20, 2023
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When you plan a trip to the zoo, you’re expecting to take a leisurely stroll and see some of the world’s incredible animals right before your eyes. Most of the time, these creatures are minding their own business by sleeping or eating. 

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Visitors at a zoo in India got to witness something unforgettable when they stopped to observe the crocodiles. There are a plethora of crocodiles enjoying a beautiful day in the sun and the person filming gets incredible close-up shots of the apex predators sunbathing on the sand. 

While we’re not sure what causes the scuffle, one crocodile can be seen coming out of the water with its jaw hanging open as he approaches another. The unsuspecting crocodile quickly works to defend themself and the two start getting into a deadly fight. 

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The lighter-colored croc is the one that made the initial attack and has already drawn blood from the darker one. In the meantime, the crocodile being attacked in this clip is simply trying to use his large head to defend himself. 


It’s not uncommon for crocodiles to attack each other, especially when showing dominance.


Boys Will Be Boys

It’s not uncommon for crocodiles to attack each other, especially when showing dominance. What’s not common is cannibalism within the reptile community. That doesn’t stop one of these creatures from going after the other until one of them is dead.

The video below will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Which croc will win the fight? Why do crocodiles do this to one another? There are so many questions that leave us wondering.

A mature male saltwater crocodile would not tolerate another male at any time of the year, although most animal species are more tolerant, besides the saltwater crocodile, which is an extremely possessive and hostile animal.

Matthew Brien, wildlife biologist at Charles Darwin University has this to say about aggressive crocodiles: “They get in an agitated state then wind themselves up and swing their heads into other crocodiles. When you see larger salties, especially males during mating season, it’s quite fearsome.” 

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