Watch Two Elephants Get Loose In A City And Toss A Car Like It’s A Tonka Truck

Front view of elephant with short tusks
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Written by Angie Menjivar

Updated: October 20, 2023

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Although humans are continuously making efforts to protect elephant populations, it’s often the humans themselves that do the most damage. In the video at the bottom of the page, it’s not entirely clear where the elephants are or under whose care they’re under — but one thing is certain, they’re not happy.

Watch This Elephant Exhibit its Strength in the Video Below

How Strong Are Elephants?

When it comes solely to their strength, elephants are easily the strongest mammals found throughout the world. Not only do they have a powerful bite, but they also have their muscular trunk and their piercing tusks to handle whatever is ahead of them. Although they use their trunks gently to hold one another and to drink water, don’t be fooled — their trunks carry immense power as you’ll see in the video at the bottom of the page.

Elephants holding tails

Female elephants, like most mammals, protect their young fiercely. When it comes to keeping them safe, they don’t hesitate to show aggression.


When Do Elephants Display Aggression?

Generally, elephants keep the peace. They’re not constantly expressing aggression so when they do, there’s an underlying reason. Female elephants, like most mammals, protect their young fiercely. When it comes to keeping them safe, they don’t hesitate to show aggression. During musth, high testosterone levels mean male elephants display both unpredictable and aggressive behavior. Those are two expected times when elephants may become aggressive but they also fight back when they’re being harassed, and when they’re vulnerable (like sick or injured).

Elephant Tosses A Car

When the video starts, there is already mayhem. An elephant is front and center behind some spaced-out wooden posts and a man is running just ahead of it to get out of its way. There are multiple people on the scene, some close to the camera and others behind the elephant and behind cars. The elephant takes several steps toward the man then turns back for a moment — but you can tell it’s not in a good mood. In the next seconds, it takes out its aggression on a parked car.

It rams the side of it with its tusk, lifting it off the ground for a few moments. When it lands back on the grass, the elephant moves to the front and starts pushing it backward. First, it dents the hood and then it uses its trunk to push the vehicle back several feet. It’s not until that moment that you realize just how much strength an elephant’s trunk holds. Just as a second elephant comes in from the side, the video ends and switches over to photos of the car’s damage.

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