Watch Two Grizzlies Have a Heated Debate On the Beach

Written by Crystal
Published: November 20, 2022
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What are these big angry bears fighting about? This grizzly bear video is 10 seconds of pure action. The two grizzlies in this video are not having a good day. They were hoping to have a peaceful day catching fish at the beach. However, it all went wrong when emotions ran high for these massive beasts.

The video caption says, “Say that one more time, and see what happens.” Well, the dark brown bear said it one more time. And in this video, you get to see what happens.

When the video starts, you see a massive grizzly bear enter the scene. The first angry bear has a light blond fur coat misted with water from the beach. Look closely at the bear’s fur. It’s very rough looking.

The grizzly bear’s name comes from the way its fur looks. Their brown fur sometimes has white tips. This makes the fur appear grizzled. The grizzled look is more prominent when the sun is just right. The beach sun in this video provides the perfect lighting for catching how a grizzly bear’s fur appears grizzled and rough.

The massive, light-brown grizzly bear lumbers across the beach. It has a lot of attitude. The gigantic beast is roaring and walking fast. You soon see it barreling toward… another grizzly! The second grizzly has a dark brown coat, and it’s also massive.

The angry bears in the video could weigh 700 pounds each; they’re that big. A male grizzly can weigh over 700 pounds, while a female usually maxes out at 600 pounds.

Size depends on where they live too. Grizzly bears that have access to Arctic salmon grow the largest. The big bears in this video look like they’ve been eating a lot of salmon. They’re humongous!

Is it common for grizzly bears to fight?

Roaring Bear - Bear Teeth
There are an estimated 1,500 grizzlies in the lower 48 states, down from 50,000 in the early 1800s.

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Grizzly bears often try to show their dominance by intimidating, growling at, and fighting their opponent. Bears do not fight unless there are no other options. In the video below, you’ll see both bears are face to face! It’s a bear showdown. They’re roaring and posturing themselves to look powerful. Grizzlies will grunt, moan, growl, and move to get their message across. This video shows a little bit of each method at work. They’re very expressive bears, with a lot to say.

Maybe the bears in the video were fighting over food or territory. A snack might be all these bears to settle their dispute. Grizzly bears are omnivores. They eat a diet consisting of fruits, grasses, rodents, fish, and more. Sometimes these bears eat large hoofed animals like caribou, deer, elk, and moose. They’re especially great at catching the young of hoofed species. 

Anyways, this video is for you if you love seeing gigantic bears voicing their opinions. You could spend all day trying to figure out what they’re saying. Whatever took place, the light brown grizzly bear isn’t having any of it. Not this beach day.

Watch the video below for yourself. What do you think these big bears are arguing about?

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Two Grizzly Bears fighting in water
Bears' muscular build, heavy body, sharp claws, and ability to run makes it an animal to be feared and respected.
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