Watch Two Stallions Have a Brutal Fight on a Cliff’s Edge

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: December 19, 2022
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There’s nothing quite like a gorgeous hike out in the mountains. Especially when you have beautiful trees lining the trail. But it gets a little treacherous when there’s a cliff’s edge. And when your path is narrow. And when you’re on a horse. And perhaps especially when two stallions decide to fight it out right in front of you.

Horses are majestic creatures, known for their intelligence and gentleness. However, when there are two stallions and one needs to establish dominance, it’s not unusual for them to fight it out. This, however, is not the optimal place for a stallion fight.

The video starts from the perspective of the man on a horse. He’s trailing behind a long line of other horses. You can see a group of them up ahead on the trail. Just in front of him are the two stallions, already mid-fight. They’re head to head, balancing on the narrow trail, much too close to the cliff’s edge. It’s unnerving.

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Stallion running on sand with trees in the background
Stallion trotting on sand with trees in the background. You can appreciate its muscle definition and can consider its strength when fighting.

©Daria Koskova/

They use their heads to hit each other and turn around to kick each other as well. At one point it looks like one of the stallions bites the other’s back. Their legs buckle as the fight intensifies and the man on the horse taking the video hollers at them. They respond to him but only briefly and the horse in front takes a cheap shot at the horse behind, and kicks it as it walks forward.

For about a second, it looks like they’re going to continue on the trail but the horse in front turns around. Again, the man yells at them and they both continue forward for several seconds as the man and his horse stay close behind. The horse in front is the most aggressive and turns around again. The horse in the back keeps its head down and even tries to move away as the more aggressive stallion attacks again.

This time, the video gets blurry as the man and his horse have to move back to avoid a collision. The two stallions get back to it, with more kicks and more legs buckling. At the end of the video, it’s as if they’ve gotten it out of their systems and they continue forward, catching up to the rest of the herd.

Two stallions challenge each other on a risky trail.

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Two young stallions jump toward each other, kicking dirt into the air
Two young stallions jump toward each other, kicking dirt into the air
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