Watch Unsuspecting Construction Workers Wake a Hibernating Grizzly

Written by Colby Maxwell
Published: November 14, 2022
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As the weather gets colder, all sorts of animals start to get ready for the winter. Squirrels hide acorns, birds prepare their nests, and bears get ready for hibernation! Sometimes, however, humans can get in the way of an animal preparing for winter, even if we didn’t mean to. As this video clip shows, waking up a hibernating grizzly bear is a lot like waking up a sleepy teenager for school!

The clip, posted a few years ago, details a rather comical, if unfortunate, scenario at a construction site. A bunch of workers are working on the side of this rocky outcropping. Using an excavator with a hammer attachment, the workers are trying to chip away at the side of the outcropping to clear some debris away.

As they soon realize, however, a hole in the rocky outcropping isn’t totally abandoned! Hiding (or sleeping) inside the hole is a massive grizzly bear. When the workers started pounding away at the rock surrounding the bear’s den, it was a bit of a rude wake-up call for the grizzly that was just trying to get some shut-eye.

Once the workers realize a bear is in the hole, they start trying to widen the hole in order to “encourage” the bear to come out. As you can imagine, the bear wasn’t all that happy about having his house destroyed! With some snarling and growling, the bear swipes at the excavator, hoping to dissuade it from chipping any more of his home away.

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Even more, the grizzly tries to cover the hole back up and go back to sleep! Swiping more dirt into the hole, the bear is clearly just trying to make the construction crew leave it in peace. Sadly, as much as the bear wants to go back to sleep, it’s unlikely that the crew will pause construction until the bear is ready to leave.

Eventually, the hibernating grizzly bear has had enough and fully comes out of the hole. Once it fully emerges, it’s clear that this is a BIG bear the crew is messing with. Thankfully, the bear is more scared than angry, and once it sees the massive excavator, it takes off running. There are few things that a bear is afraid of, but a machine as loud as a jackhammer than can destroy its home? That makes the list!

It isn’t super clear where or when this event happened. The weather appeared to be sunny, however, so hopefully, the bear wasn’t actually hibernating and was just asleep in its den. If the bear would have been prematurely pulled from its den during the middle of winter while it was hibernating, it would have required some help to make it through the cold months. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case. What’s for certain though, is that the bear will have quite the story to tell its friends!

Make sure you check out the short video clip below to see it for yourself!

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