Watch What Happens When a Man Pokes a Massive Fire Ant Hill, Unleashing Millions of Insects

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: September 6, 2023
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They don’t just bite — they sting too. The bite just helps them keep steady while they use their stingers! Fire ants have developed quite a reputation as pests in The Tar Heel State. The man in the video at the bottom of the page shows you what happens when you disturb these relentless insects!

What Are Fire Ants?

Fire ants don’t just have a fiery color. They also pack quite a bite! Not only do they latch on with their tiny teeth, but they also sting, injecting venom you feel immediately. Fire ants set up their mounds in areas that receive lots of sunlight. When complete, these mounds have a dome shape. Although they like sunny areas, when the day’s temperatures are hottest, they are least active. Just as they avoid hot temperatures, they prefer to keep away from shade. If left unbothered, they may send out another queen to get a second mound erected near the first. And so, they proliferate!

Fire ants build mounds in sunny areas.

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Fire Ant Behavior

When fire ants feel threatened, they don’t hesitate to react. They quickly swarm and get to stinging. Not only do they move forward aggressively when they detect a threat, but they’re invasive, pushing native ant species out of any given area. They disrupt ecosystems and not just by driving out native ant species. They also disturb the animals that rely on native ant species for sustenance.

Man Disturbs Massive Ant Hill

The video below starts with a man explaining that he was out riding on the Neuse River Trail in Clayton, North Carolina when he noticed some fire ant mounds. He explains that fire ants aren’t native to the state as he approaches a large mound. He grabs a hefty stick to disturb the fire ant mound and show how they respond. He knows the fire ants will move quickly. He cuts through the top of the mound and the fire ants pour out of the mound, scrambling away (some toward his feet!).

He goes in again with the stick, opening up the mound to film how they live inside. He says, “They’ll build that back in no time!” as he shows several other mounds in the area. The second one he disturbs is a lot softer, so he breaks it up more easily. He looks for the queen but can’t find it. He stops by the first mound he disturbed before heading back to his bike, which he intelligently left at a distance!

Watch the Skin-Crawling Video Below!

North Carolina disturbs fire ant mounds to look inside!

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