Watch Wild Video of War Waged Between Fire Ants and Black Crazy Ants

Written by Ryan Fisher
Updated: June 14, 2023
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Who knew that ants could pitch wars against each other? In the video that can be found below, one domestic colony of fire ants was invaded by a wild group of crazy black ants. This unlikely pair of enemies resulted in some interesting findings.

A popular YouTuber, AntsCanada uploaded the video which starts off with beautiful footage of his domestic fire ant colony. After showing the natural behavior and progress of his growing ant colony, he noted that wild black crazy ants were breaking into his house and entering his domestic colonies!

The rest of the video depicts the ongoing war that both ant colonies waged against each other. The black crazy ants were shown sneaking into the fire ants’ enclosure to steal food and other resources. For instance, when a jelly-based food source was put in the tank, both groups of ants swarmed the area. With incredible speed, both groups filled their stomachs and returned to their own nests.

In the end, the owner of the ant colony found that the wild ants had been forming a nest alongside one of his domestic colonies. Although they didn’t cause much harm to his beloved pets, the story really showed the power that a group of tiny ants can have as a collective! 

Are Ants Social? 

red ants working together
Ants are extremely social animals who can hunt together.

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Ants are considered to be an extremely social species. They have highly organized living groups, which almost function as one organism on their own. With their social nature, ants are used to living together, getting food together, and supporting their colony together. 

Some groups are more social than others. Their sociality depends on what type of ant you are talking about. 

With that said, ants are only friendly with other members of their colony. They will not hesitate to fight other ants, as shown in the video below. In fact, certain ants such as fire ants are known to be extremely aggressive and territorial, which is why they put up such a good fight! 

What Do Ants Eat? 

In the video, the ants were shown to eat some form of jelly-based food substitute, but what do they eat in the wild? 

Ants are typically omnivores, meaning they can eat a wide variety of plants and meat. For instance, a typical ant could eat plant foods such as seeds, leaves, and nectar. Additionally, they can also eat small bugs such as flies, aphids, and small beetles.

Certain ants such as fire ants have been shown to hunt food together, allowing them to acquire larger forms of meat such as earthworms or large caterpillars! 

Fire Ants vs. Black Crazy Ants: Who Would Win? 

Although there wasn’t a clear victor in the video, there are some distinct differences between fire ants and crazy ants that could make one superior in a fight. 

Generally, fire ants tend to be more aggressive and toxic, whereas crazy ants tend to be more stealthy and fast. In the video, it was shown that the crazy ants were able to evade all of the fire ant’s attacks. In a fight between a fire and a crazy ant, however, a fire ant would surely win.

Watch the Crazy Story Unfold Below

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