Watch Young Boaters Save a Sea Turtle From the Jaws of a Tiger Shark

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 20, 2023
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Now and then, man and animals in the wild collide. Sometimes, it is by happenstance and others because humans help to intervene where they need. It could be in the instance of another animal chasing another and the people helping to provide sanctuary. And in the case of this video shown below, that is exactly what happened!

Check Out the Incredible Video Below!

This next video takes us to the YouTube channel Deep Blue Discovery. They have over 176,000 subscribers; however, their videos have received more than 131 million views. According to their channel description, they are “dedicated to discovering the best sea life footage available, and we work with professional divers and videographers (and their amateur counterparts) to make sure it happens. Whether it’s whales, sharks, eels, or seals, if it lives in the sea, we’ll try to cover it…”

As the video starts, we see an enormously big sea turtle swimming at incredible speeds behind this boat. We see that this sea turtle is traveling so fast that the people in the boat start filming and stand at the back of the boat to see why it is going so fast. It isn’t until these boaters start filming that they notice this sea turtle isn’t just trying to surpass this boat. The sea turtle is running, or rather swimming for its life, away from a predator chasing it.

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Suddenly, a mere second into this video clip, we see a large tiger shark that is behind this sea turtle! Not only is this tiger shark behind the sea turtle chasing it, but it has caught up to it. We see that its mouth is over this sea turtle’s body. However, this sea turtle is refusing to give up. He will not be this tiger shark’s lunch. 

As the chase goes on, we see this sea turtle in a desperate attempt to grab the edge of the boat. It’s as if it is begging for help. The moment this tiger shark lets the sea turtle go, we see the boaters react quickly and efficiently by grabbing the sea turtle out of the water. 

How Big Do Sea Turtles Get?

Large sea turtle resting on coral reef looking up towards the surface with its mouth wide open. Plain dark blue background

Sea turtles can swim 22 miles per hour.


As we can see here from this video, this is no small sea turtle. But, on the other hand, this sea turtle is far from the largest sea turtle ever recorded. Sea turtles can weigh anywhere from 550-2,000 pounds!

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