Watching This Baby Gorilla and Monkey Playing Is Simply Adorable

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: October 17, 2023
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Animals playing together produces some of the most adorable footage on the web and this vid is about as wholesome as it gets. You won’t be able to stop smiling as you watch this little gorilla infant at the Apenheul Zoo — a free roaming sanctuary for primates in the Netherlands. It is home to more than 35 species and it is a very special experience to see them interact in this way.

Watch This Video and Enjoy “Play Time for the Primates”!

It’s playtime at the zoo! In this gorgeous footage, we are introduced to Kiango, a gorilla infant, who is playing close to his mom. It starts with a game of chase. One of the mangabey monkeys (they are called Moto and Mojo) clearly wants the little gorilla to chase him. He waits until the infant has caught up with him and then darts away. At one point they have a play wresting match and then something interests both of them at the far side of the rock, so the game is paused whilst they investigate it together.

The chase game is soon back on, but this time the monkeys are in pursuit. At one point Kiango stumbles and mom gorilla intervenes to check that he is okay. The monkeys stare at her quizzically but do not approach her. The eye contact and hand gestures between these three animals are hilarious. It is just like watching a bunch of three-year-olds in a playground. Perhaps the best part is seeing Kiango hide behind his mom when he thinks he’s annoyed the monkeys just a little bit too much!

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Gorillas and Monkeys

Gorillas are apes and are part of a large primate family called Hominidae that also includes humans, chimpanzeesbonobosorangutans, and gibbons. Monkeys are also primates but are part of the Cebidae family.

Gorillas are bigger than monkeys but there are some other important differences. Apes have a very mobile shoulder joint that allows them to swing through trees using their arms. Most monkeys do not do this – they run along branches instead. They also inhabit different geographic areas. Apes are mainly found in Africa and Asia. Monkeys can be found in AfricaAsiaCentral America, and South America. Most monkeys have tails that they use for balance and some use them to latch onto branches. Apes do not have tails.

Perhaps the most interesting difference is in intelligence and it is useful to bear this in mind when watching the video. Monkeys are not considered as intelligent as the apes who can use tools and have sophisticated social interactions. Apes are also superior when it comes to learning and problem-solving. There is even evidence that gorillas can learn sign language! Watch it again and decide who is being the cleverest!

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