What is Texas Known For? 25 Things Texans Love About Themselves

Written by Kyle Glatz
Updated: June 1, 2023
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Texas is a large state with a high population and a unique culture. While some elements of the state are criticized, there is much to love about this state. The food, history, wildlife, and culture are so unique that the state is renowned throughout the world. So, what is Texas known for? Take a look at 25 different things that Texans love about themselves and that other citizens and visitors love about the state.

1.  Texas Is Known for Its Size Above All Else

Texas State on the map

Texas is a massive state with many things to love.

©Alexander Lukatskiy/Shutterstock.com

Everything is bigger in Texas’ may not be the official motto of the state, but it may as well be. The reason that Texas is known for this phrase stems from the size of the state. After all, it’s the second-largest state in the United States, second only to Alaska. Everything is big in the state. The animals, homes, properties, and pride that people feel for being Texan.  

2. Personal Freedoms and Independence

The State flag of Texas, the Lone Star Flag, features a vertical blue field engraved with a five-point flag and two horizontal stripes of white and red.


You can’t really point at one thing and say it proves Texas’ love of independence and personal freedoms. However, Texas was a state that greatly valued its independence from the time of its inception. The free and independent Republic of Texas was declared in 1836, and that sense of individuality has since been held over.

The state’s independence was celebrated then and remains an integral part of the state’s culture. Texas is called the Lone Star State to remind the people that their land was once a republic in its own right.  

3. Texas Is Also Known for Hot Foods

Hot peppers are common in Texan cuisine.

©iStock.com/Photography By Tonelson

People in Texas love hot foods. The region has a rich history of cultural collaboration through food. The result is some extra-spicy bowls of chili con carne, fried chicken with insanely hot sauce, stuffed jalapeno peppers, and all sorts of other foods that will make most outsiders grab a glass of milk.  

4. NASA Trains and Launches Astronauts from Houston

Detail of the second and third stages of the Saturn V moonrocket on display at the Johnson Space Center In Houston, Texas, USA.

The Johnson Space Center has many historical NASA artifacts.

©Goldilock Project/Shutterstock.com

Back when NASA was seeking a new site for a space center, they had many options. However, Houston offered a good climate, access to open lands, great universities, and more. Today, the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is a massive site. NASA conducts training, research, and mission control at the location.

5. Massive Ranches

Group of young steers in the meadow

Many ranches in Texas raise cattle.


Texas has a lot of space, making it the perfect area to raise cattle. This state leads the way in beef production, doubling the output of its neighbor, Oklahoma. It should come as no surprise that Texas is also home to the largest ranch in the United States!  

6. The Alamo

The Alamo before sunrise

The Alamo lit up before sunrise in San Antonio, Texas.

©iStock.com/Greg Meland

The Battle of the Alamo may not have been the biggest battle ever fought in the state. However, it was a meaningful battle during the quest for Texas’ independence. The defenders who died during the battle are venerated as heroes who died trying to gain freedom from Mexico. The Alamo is still a popular tourist attraction today.  

7. Country Music

Acoustic Guitar Playing. Men Playing Acoustic Guitar Closeup Photography.

Country music is very popular in Texas.

©Virrage Images/Shutterstock.com

Like many states in the South, Texans love country music. The state embodies all the most common elements seen in these songs like cowboys, hard work, trucks, and country living. Although Tennessee is the home of the Country Music Hall of Fame, nobody can doubt the popularity of the genre in Texas.

8. State Fairs

Texas star ferris wheel at night at state fair of Texas.

The Ferris wheel at the Texas State Fair.

©N. Hamp/Shutterstock.com

No other place in the U.S. puts together a state fair like Texas. The State Fair of Texas is the largest in the entire nation. The fair receives about 2.25 million visitors annually! The fair blends entertainment, food, and agriculture to fill out its large venue in Dallas.

9. Embracing Guns

Texans use firearms for many reasons, including pest control.

©Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB/Shutterstock.com

Texas is known for embracing firearms in the state. People use them for sports shooting, home defense, pest control, and hunting. The state’s laws allow people to responsibly own and carry guns with them in public.

10. Rattlesnakes Abound!

Massasauga rattlesnake

Close up of a Massasauga


, coiled and ready to strike.

©Matt Jeppson/Shutterstock.com

Texas has more species of snakes than any other state in the country! The state is famous for the presence of various species of rattlesnakes. About 10 species of rattlesnakes are found in the state, and they can appear in large numbers together. Interestingly, Arizona has more venomous snakes than Texas. People in this state learn how to spot snakes and react appropriately to avoid injuries when they’re young.

11. Drilling for Oil

Oil pump oil rig energy industrial machine for petroleum in the sunset background for design

Texas is a leading oil producer in the United States.


Drilling for oil in Texas is commonplace. The region has vast swaths of area where oil is found deep under the surface. Texas oil companies produce more oil than any other state in the U.S. every year. Oil and oil products are used in a variety of industries, including the production of gasoline!

12. The State Has a Profound Love of Football

Weekends are for football in Texas.

©Arina P Habich/Shutterstock.com

People in Texas take football seriously. From high school football to professional football, fans come out in droves to support their favorite teams. The massive number of fans in the state has made many team owners comfortable with investing in the area.

Just how much do Texans love football? Texas fans continue to support the Cowboys, a football franchise that has not won a Super Bowl in almost three decades! That is some dedication!

13. Automobile Manufacturing

Car Factory 3D Concept: Automated Robot Arm Assembly Line Manufacturing High-Tech Green Energy Electric Vehicles. Automatic Construction, Building, Welding Industrial Production Conveyor. Front View

Texas continues to be a mainstay in vehicle manufacturing and engineering.


Although people tend to think of Michigan first, Texas is a major car manufacturer. This state is home to major assembly plants, providing great jobs in the state. Even Tesla has joined in on setting up shop in Texas at the Gigafactory Texas in Austin. This site produces the batteries used to power the company’s cars.

14. Barbeque Food

The rib steaks (cote de boeuf) being grilled on an open fire

The rib steaks (cote de boeuf) being grilled on an open fire


Ribs, burgers, brisket— these are just some of the foods that Texans throw on the grill when given the chance. Texas is known for producing world-class barbeque foods and fixings. The state is not just famous for the foods they grill but also for the methods they use to prepare them. The north, east, west, and southern parts of this state all have unique styles and variations for how they produce this delectable type of food.  

15. Cowboys

Cowboy Horse

The American cowboys are iconic and portrayed in films and books throughout the world.


Cowboys are synonymous with Texas. While most people know them as a football team these days, cowboys were a necessity in the past. These individuals performed cattle drives, repaired fences, and helped build the frontier.

The work was hard, dirty, and dangerous. However, these individuals became heroic icons that have remained seared into the nation’s mindset. They demonstrated some of the most beloved qualities of Texans such as rugged individualism, freedom, and a willingness to work hard to get the job done.

16. Blazing Hot Weather

Dry Riverbed in a Desert Canyon

Texas has brutally hot summers


Texas has very hot weather in the summer. It’s not uncommon for the temperature to rise over 100 °F multiple times throughout the summer.  The hottest temperature on record in the state was 120 °F. The hot weather is nothing to joke about in this part of the country. People regularly suffer from heat exhaustion and worse by working in the hot sun.

17. The Assassination of President Kennedy

Bronze statue of President John F. Kennedy in Fort Worth, Texas commemorating his last day on earth.

Bronze statue of President John F. Kennedy in Fort Worth, Texas commemorating his last day on earth.

©Sandra Foyt/Shutterstock.com

Sadly, Texas is known for one of the most significant events of the 20th century: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. The events of that day have been scrutinized like few others. Some people continue to explore the causes and impacts of this tragedy in the modern day.

18. Rodeos Are a Big Deal

bucking bronco at rodeo

Rodeos test various skills including horseback riding, lassoing, and more.

©Timothy S. Allen/Shutterstock.com

Cowboys are a cultural icon in Texas and beyond. That’s why people love to see modern cowboys test their skills at the rodeo. They engage in horseback riding, tie-down roping, bull riding, and much more. Texas has some of the biggest, best, and oldest rodeos in the country including the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. This is the biggest livestock exhibition and rodeo in the world!

19. Texas is Known for Its National Park System

Sierra Castellan in Big Bend National Park, Texas

Big Bend National Park is known for its rock formations and gorgeous scenery.


Texas is a massive state with a wide assortment of natural areas. To protect these areas, the state has created various national parks. The Big Bend National Park and the Guadalupe Mountains National Park are two of the most famous parks in the state. Millions of acres are preserved throughout the state to keep wild areas undeveloped while protecting the animals that call the areas home.

20. Cultural Integration


Houston has people from all sorts of backgrounds living and working there.

©Silvio Ligutti/Shutterstock.com

Texas is a cultural melting pot. In cities like Houston, over 140 languages are spoken by the citizens. While some parts of the state are a little more blended than others, the cultural integration in the state is incredible. People from all over the world have made their way to this state to embrace all the things that Texans love about their state!

21. The Texas-Mexico Border

Mexico, El Paso - Texas, Drug Cartel, Ciudad Juarez, Texas

A view of Mexico from Texas.


Texas has more land that shares a border with Mexico than any other state. While the border is a way for the two countries to trade and share, it’s also the subject of intense political debates.  

22. Large Universities

The main entrance to Texas A & M University with the Jack K. Williams Systems Administration building at the end of road in College Station, Texas

©Tricia Daniel/Shutterstock.com

Like so many other things, Texas has bigger universities than the rest of the country. In this case, Texas A&M currently has the highest enrollment of any other public university. The university has 74,829 students enrolled in the school.  

23. Large Church Congregations


Hundreds of thousands of people go to churches every week in Texas.

©Billiion Photos/Shutterstock.com

Texas is also known for its massive churches and congregations. In fact, a few of the largest church congregations in the United States are found in Texas! The Gateway Church in Southlake has a weekly attendance of over 100,000 people across its multiple sites. Lakewood Church has about 45,000 people attending its services each week.  

24. Large Sports Venues

Football supporter on stadium in red and blue shirt. Happy fans on soccer pitch watching winning team play. Group of supporters with flag and jersey cheering excited. Championship game. Victory party

Massive stadiums mean more room for huge crowds.


Texans’ love of sports ensures that investors were willing to pour money into venues to keep fans coming. The state has the monstrous AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas which is home of the Dallas Cowboys. The stadium is capable of seating 80,000 people with a peak capacity of 100,000 people! That’s one of two NFL stadiums in the state. Also, Texas has major league baseball, hockey, and basketball venues as well!

25. Texas is Known for Hunting

Feral pigs

Feral pigs cause a lot of damage to crops and the landscape due to rooting, so they’re popular hunting targets.


People in Texas don’t buy, clean, or practice with their guns for nothing. Hunting is a serious business in this state! Some people go hunting locally for sport and others hunt to rid their land of invasive animals like feral swine. People also come from all over the country to go hunting on the massive ranches where they can find deer, turkey, and other creatures. Of course, people are encouraged to learn safe weapons handling and proper hunting education before planning a trip to the area.

What is Texas known for? Well, we’ve scratched the surface here. Texans embrace freedom, togetherness, and a rugged culture. These 25 things will help you get a good idea of what Texans love about the state, but there is always more waiting to be found.

Summary of What Texas is Known For

RankThings Texas is Known For
2Personal Freedoms and Independence
3Hot Foods
4NASA Training Center
5Massive Ranches
6The Alamo
7Country Music
8State Fairs
9Embracing Guns
11Drilling for Oil
13Automobile Manufacturing
14Barbeque Food
16Hot Weather
17President Kennedy’s Assassination
19National Parks
20Cultural Integration
21Texas-Mexico Border
22Large Universities
23Large Church Congregations
24Large Sports Venues
Texas is known for a wide variety of things!

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