When is Hurricane Season In Cabo? Peak Timing and Earliest Hurricane on Record

Written by Niccoy Walker
Published: May 28, 2023
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Are you planning a vacation to Cabo? If so, you might have a few questions about hurricanes. Cabo San Lucas, or Cabo for short, is a resort area in Mexico. It resides on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula and is an easy and close vacation destination for Americans. But heavy rains and intense wind speeds can disrupt plans for travelers and residents, especially during certain times of the year. So when is hurricane season in Cabo? Find the answer now, including how often they hit and the earliest hurricane on record.

When is Hurricane Season in Cabo?

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When is hurricane season in Cabo? The worst months are August and September.

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Unfortunately, the worst weather typically aligns with summer vacations. Hurricane season in Cabo runs from mid-May to September. And the worst months for storms occur from August to October. While you might get an excellent discount on resort stays during August and September, you can expect to see lots of rain and potential big storms. The best time to visit Cabo is from May through July when the weather is warm, but the rainy season isn’t in full swing.

Is Cabo High Risk For Hurricanes?

While Cabo has a relatively long hurricane season, they are considered low risk for hurricane-level storms. You may experience a travel advisory if you are traveling during the hurricane season. However, most warnings turn out to be tropical storms instead of hurricanes. With a tropical storm, you may experience moderate wind speeds and heavy rain but not on the same scale as a major hurricane. Cabo lies on the edge of most storms, rarely receiving the full force. But even with tropical storms, Cabo can see several feet of rain.

What Month is the Worst For Hurricanes in Cabo?

August and September are the worst months for hurricanes and tropical storms in Cabo San Lucas. And mid-September is the time when you would most want to avoid the area. You will probably see vacation prices fall for dates from mid-August to mid-October. This time is also when many people travel to Cabo due to the lower prices. Between the months of August and September, the region experiences a heavy rainy season accounting for most of the year’s precipitation. But when it’s not raining, the weather is warm and mild.

How Often Do Hurricanes Hit Cabo?

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Hurricanes typically turn into tropical storms once they hit Cabo


While Cabo usually only experiences tropical storms during the Pacific hurricane season, they do happen from time to time. Since 1949, the Baja California Peninsula has been hit by at least 109 tropical cyclones. 56 of those 109 occurred during the month of September. The area was hit by a category two hurricane in September 2021 and again in September 2022; these were the latest storms to impact the area.

What Part of Cabo is the Safest From Hurricanes?

Cabo itself is usually safe from hurricanes. The area is typically on the edge of the storm, rarely receiving the full brunt. And resorts have strict procedures that they follow during adverse weather. If necessary, visitors will be evacuated away from the coast and placed in a safer area. The inland areas of Cabo are the safest during hurricanes, as they are away from the water. To avoid flooding and power outages, you may have to move locations or even cut your trip short. Thankfully, major hurricanes are rare in Cabo, so many people vacation during late summer and have a great time.

What Was the Biggest Hurricane to Ever Hit Cabo?

Hurricane Odile was the worst to ever hit Cabo. This storm was a category four, which made landfall in Cabo on September 14, 2014, featuring 125 mph winds. It killed 18 people in the span of nine days and caused $1.25 billion in damages. Hurricane Odile was the most expensive hurricane to ever hit Cabo. But Hurricane Liza in 1976 was the deadliest. It made landfall in late September, killing over 1,200 people.

What Was the Earliest Hurricane to Ever Hit Cabo?

Mid to late June is the earliest Cabo has ever seen a hurricane or tropical storm, which only includes three on record. And none were significant or caused major damage. And July has typically only seen minor tropical storms, which have occasionally caused some flooding and damage. September receives the most hurricanes and storms in Baja California, with 56 and counting.  

How Many Hurricanes Have Hit Cabo in the Last Ten Years?

Cabo and the Baja California Peninsula have been hit with nine hurricanes in the last ten years, including one of the worst on record (Hurricane Odile). Most, however, weakened to a tropical depression or storm before making landfall.

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