White Tiger King Challenged By Adult Male Lion And His Pride

Written by Katie Melynn Wood
Updated: January 24, 2023
© suttisukmek/Shutterstock.com
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A true king of his domain, this lion met his match in a white tiger. Who would win in this fight? After a sparring match, the white tiger emerged victorious as the new king of the zoo.

The video shows both animals at rest. The white tiger sits atop a rocky perch while the lion lounges on the ground.

In the footage, the lion walks surrounded by other female lions. The translated captions call them “the queen and a group of ladies.” The lions approached the tiger to see what would happen.

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The lion goes after a few of the smaller tigers but is clearly looking for the largest of the bunch. He has come to do battle with the king of the tigers and anyone else is just a warm-up. The queen lion also goes after some of the tigers.

Roaring loudly, the lion gets the attention of the white tiger. The white tiger runs down, his long limbs and strong paws pounding on the ground until he approaches the group of lions. At first, just the female lions show interest in fighting him. But soon the male lion takes on the white tiger on his own.

Generally, tigers have larger and more powerful front paws than lions. Both big cats use their front paws to swipe at opponents. The tiger has an advantage in this scenario and he uses it. The two big cats swat at each other and wrestle. Eventually, the tiger starts to bite at the lion’s neck, although he doesn’t appear to be out for blood. The tiger does draw blood on the lion’s nose during the fight.

At the end, the lion limps away as the white tiger remains the king of his domain. Fortunately, the female lions still seem to be interested enough in the male lion and are there to console him in his defeat.

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