Discover Why Connecticut Is Called The Nutmeg State

Written by Mackenzie Lesher
Published: September 3, 2023
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Known for its picturesque scenery, beautiful universities, and rich contributions to American history, Connecticut is a state beloved by people around the world. However, did you know it is lovingly nicknamed “The Nutmeg State”? Let’s find out why!

Connecticut is known for its historical architecture and beautiful scenery.

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Why Is Connecticut Called The Nutmeg State?

Officially, Connecticut is called the “Constitution State” due to the fact that it’s where the first official Constitution document was written. However, Connecticut has been known just as well by the unofficial nickname of “The Nutmeg State” since 1941.

The first reference to this nickname is in the book State Names, Flags, Seals, Songs, Birds, Flowers, and Other Symbols by George Shankle. This book lists the symbolism of different states from animals to plant life. In the book, Shankle explains that the name was given because of the ingenuity of the inhabitants of Connecticut. He stated that the residents were so crafty they were able to make and sell wooden nutmegs to people.

Connecticut residents are said to have sold fake nutmegs to Southerners.

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Did People In Connecticut Sell Wooden Nutmegs?

There is no evidence that early residents of Connecticut sold wooden nutmegs to people. Natalie Belanger, an Adult Programs Manager at the Connecticut Historical Society states, “It’s not really clear if anybody did that … or if it originated in the idea that Yankee peddlers were so good at their business that [they] would be able to sell you a wooden nutmeg.” Either way, it’s clear that the people of Connecticut have adopted the nickname and made it their own with Connecticut residents being lovingly called “nutmeggers”.

Other Symbols Of The State Of Connecticut

Besides being known as “The Nutmeg State” and “The Constitution State,” Connecticut is known as the Land of Steady Habits, referencing the traditions and strict moral standards the people held themselves to in the 1800s. This nickname originated from the people of Connecticut consistently reelecting the same political officials throughout the years. Other state symbols include the four iconic state animals of Connecticut: the state bird, the American robin; the state animal, the sperm whale; the state shellfish, the blue oyster; and the state insect, the European mantis.

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