Wild Dog Finds Refuge Behind a Huge Elephant After Being Chased by a Hungry Tiger

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 18, 2023
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The fight for survival is often a fight that is fought alone for the predator and prey. Once the prey has been locked in, other animals will rarely intervene. However, there are many cases in which, for some reason, animals intervene to help one another. 

Check out the Video Below!

And we see such a situation in the video posted below. This video takes us to another look at Wildlife with Irfan, who is a part of The Brave Wilderness Channel, where they capture amazing footage of animals in the wild, according to their YouTube channel. 

The video below starts with a wild chase between a wild dog and a tiger. This wild dog knows he has absolutely no chance against this tiger. The best thing he can possibly do is try to outrun this tiger, which in and of itself is a difficult task to handle. 

We hear the sounds of the photographer Irfan capturing dozens of shots every few seconds. He is trying to get that perfect picture featured in the news. We see footage of the wild dog trying various evasive maneuvers to escape this predator. 

As they are nearing the edge of the woods, we see this tiger is closing in, and the wild dog knows he has no hope. Only he has just spotted an enormous elephant. For some reason, the elephant realizes this wild dog is in danger, and so as the dog splits away from the edge of the woods, he goes behind the elephant

And shockingly, we see this elephant protect this wild dog. He starts to trumpet loudly, and he steps to this tiger! He is not afraid of him, and seeing as he outweighs this predator ten times over, at the very least, he is not fearful of repercussions.

As we know, the king of the jungle is the lion. Between the lion and tiger, who do you think is stronger?

Are Tigers Stronger than Lions?

When we look at the lion and tiger, it is easy to get confused about who might be stronger. We might naturally assume that because the jungle king is the lion, it would be him. So, let’s take a look at their appearance.

The tiger weighs anywhere from 267-300 kilograms (589-660 pounds) and can reach up to 10.5 feet long. Additionally, they can run up to incredible speeds of 60 miles per hour. Second only to the land predator, the cheetah.

The lion weighs anywhere from 120-249 kilograms (264-550 pounds) and can reach up to 8.2 feet long. They can run less than half the speed of a tiger coming in at 35 miles per hour. 

It is said that in a physical altercation, the tiger is stronger and could out win a lion solely based on his strength. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Wildberry India/Shutterstock.com

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