Wild Video Captures An Escaped Black Panther Prowling The Rooftops Of A Quiet Town


Written by Sharon Parry

Updated: October 18, 2023

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Whilst you can’t help but be amazed by the sight of a black panther prowling across rooftops, there is a somber story behind this incredible footage. It was compiled by an English language French news channel and it also explores the wider issue of wild animal trade in France.

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All About Black Panthers

Humans love the mystery and romance of black panthers and their name has even been immortalized in the title of some Marvel Studio films. However, the black panther is not a distinct species. They could be a jaguar or a leopard (sometimes other types of big cats) that have distinctive coloring. They are staggeringly beautiful animals with a powerful build and striking emerald green eyes.

They are most often found in forests and like to spend a lot of time hanging out in trees. They are sure-footed and very good climbers, so we see that this young female black panther has no problem moving across the rooftops.

Of course, it is not what you expect to see in an urban area and many of the residents were shocked. Black panthers are not native to France so it is clear that this is an escaped pet – she was around six months old. However, as the owner is described as ‘on the run’ they probably abandoned her – a cruel and irresponsible thing to do.

Trafficking wild animals is illegal in France but is on the rise

Trade In Wild Animals In France

The details about the trade in wild animals in France are disturbing. The video explains that this black panther was captured by firefighters which would have been a distressing experience for her. This type of animal can cost around 30,000 euros and a lot more to feed and look after. Trafficking wild animals is illegal in France but is on the rise. Animal welfare charities are dealing with lion cubs and tigers.

You need a special permit to own a wild animal in France (and in many other countries) and if you do not have one you face up to six months in prison and a 9,000 euro fine – this may be why the owner of this panther is on the run. Abandoned animals end up in rescue centers and whilst the staff here do their best to look after them, it would be so much better for them to have been left in the wild.

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