With Blistering Wind Chills, This is the Coldest Place In New England This Weekend

Written by Colby Maxwell
Published: February 3, 2023
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Living in New England comes with a lot of great benefits, but the wind chill isn’t one of them. This weekend is going to be the coldest one this year (so far), and cities all across the region are bracing for absolutely frigid temps. From Syracuse, New York, all the way up through Maine, over 16 million homes are expected to be impacted by the Arctic storm in New England. Let’s take a look at the coldest places in New England this weekend, plus why it’s going to be so cold.

Minus 60 Across Parts of Maine

Blizzard Snow

Maine could hit record lows this weekend as an Arctic storm moves through the region.


As the furthest state to the north in the continental US, Maine usually gets the worst of the New England Weather. This weekend looks to be no different. Starting as early as Friday, a huge Arctic blast is heading southeast, directly across most of New England.

Current predictions show that coastal cities in Maine, like Portland, Lewiston, and Bangor, will likely hit temps as low as -35°F this weekend. Spots in the foothills will be hit with even worse conditions, likely around -45°F in certain places. With windchill, almost all of Maine will be in the double-digit negatives, with the coldest inhabited places bottoming out at around -60°F this weekend. In order to prepare, Maine is currently implementing warming centers, short-term emergency shelters, to help those who either lose the ability to heat their homes or experience some other emergency. Here’s a list of the current locations available.

As it stands, the unofficial record for coastal temperatures in Maine is around -45°F with wind chill back in 1948, making it very possible that the record could be broken. Even if it isn’t broken, it will likely be the coldest coastal temperature that anyone along the coast in their lifetime!

In the highest elevation location in Maine, some weather models are even predicting a shocking -80°F or -90°F with wind chill. Plainly put, camping or visiting the mountains is probably not a smart idea this weekend.

Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, and New Hampshire Expected to Be Hit With Icy Blast

snow blizzard on the highway with truck

New England and Upstate New York are in the main path of the storm.

©Vitaliy Kaplin/Shutterstock.com

Although Maine will likely be hit with the worst of the storm, the rest of New England and upstate New York are also prepping for the worst. Most of the New England region will hit temperatures at least as low as -30°F this weekend, with a possibility to dip into the low -40s as well.

Almost all of New England is currently under a winter storm advisory, and residents have been instructed to take shelter and prepare for the weather. With the extreme temperatures on the way, frostbite can set in in as little as 5 minutes. Currently, warming centers are set up across Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Certain locations are available across New York.

As it stands, the cold weather warnings across ALL states in the northeast are likely the last through Saturday, although local conditions may change. With blizzard conditions and a possible snow squall hitting the region (something that is quite rare), driving or travel after the storm hits will be extremely dangerous.

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