Worst Day Ever! Zebra Gets Mauled by a Massive Crocodile and Hippo at the Same Time

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: June 1, 2023
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Viewers are in awe at the untamed nature that unfolds directly in front of the camera in a video from YouTube Maasai Sightings. A group of zebras crossing a rushing river is where it all begins. 

Many of these elegant striped creatures cross over the water without incident. We can see a lone zebra meandering slowly in the rushing water as the camera moves gradually to the right. The animal in question appears to be hobbling on numerous occasions. 

common zebra or Burchell's zebra
Zebras often stay with the herd.

©Roger de la Harpe/Shutterstock.com

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When an animal has an injury in the wild, it makes them much more susceptible to hungry predators. If you look closely, one can spot the top of a crocodile moving straight to the hurt zebra. 

Believe it or not, crocodiles like to eat smaller prey. Although they can catch larger animals such as zebras, it takes more work, even if the animal has an injury. The easiest way to kill larger prey is for crocs to drown them.

That’s exactly what the apex predator does to the lone animal in the footage below. We catch a brief glimpse of the zebra trying to breathe above water. Suddenly, a hippo gets in on the killing, leaving the zebra with no chance of escaping. 

A top comment on the video reads: 

A zebra attacked by both a hippo and a crocodile would likely have a very slim chance of survival. Hippos are known to be extremely aggressive and territorial animals, and they have very powerful jaws and teeth that can crush bones. Crocodiles, on the other hand, are skilled predators that can ambush their prey and drag them underwater, where they drown them or hold them until they die from their injuries.”

Is It Normal Behavior for Hippos to Attack Zebras?

Strangely enough, hippos don’t often eat zebras. Although they are actually herbivores, hippos occasionally consume zebras when food is scarce. Hippos look for and consume the meat of dead zebras during this time and this time only. They very rarely attempt to kill other animals for food.

Two huge hippos fighting with each other in the pond, Masai Mara
Hippos are known to be extremely aggressive.


When a zebra comes close to a hippo in the wild, the hippo will usually attack and kill the zebra. However, they don’t actually eat them. When there is a drought or other natural disaster, the hippos have a hard time finding grass to eat. 

One of the largest creatures on earth, the hippo consumes a lot of vegetation and fruit to survive. Hippos only go in search of meat at this point to sate their appetite. Tragically, they will eat zebras if they come across any at this time in order to satisfy their need. 

Watch the Feast! 

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