You Won’t Believe This Great White Shark Hunting in a Massachusetts Pond

Written by Jeremiah Wright
Published: August 2, 2022
© Ramon Carretero/
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Every time we go to the beach, our initial fear is having an encounter with a shark. That is why most families prefer to swim in smaller bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and ponds. But what happens when you find a great white shark lurking beneath one of these smaller bodies of water?

This 34-second clip, uploaded on YouTube by jrepnin, shows us a terrifying glimpse of a great white shark casually strolling through the waters of a salt pond in Massachusetts. At the start of the video, it seems like a big fish until it swims in the direction of the cameraman, and there it is, quickly identified as a great white shark stuck in a pond.

While an encounter with a great white shark sounds frightening, the shark in this video was swimming peacefully and never dared to attack the cameraman. 

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People wondered why a great white shark was stuck in a pond in the first place until it was explained that a massive storm with an unusually high tide had opened up the salt pond and caused the shark to be let in and trapped.

After the video was posted online, many tourists and locals went to the pond to see the great white shark. Then, authorities came to the pond to rescue the great white shark and coaxed him out of the pond to put it back in its original habitat—the ocean.


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great white shark
© Ramon Carretero/

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